You are a software services company. And part of your job is to create QR Codes for your client projects.

In this article we will tell you which QR Code generation method will work best for your use case.

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A. Know the Right QR Code for your Use Case

It is very important for you to clearly know your use case before you go to create your QR Code for client project. And use QR Codes in your software services company.

QR Codes in software services company

That is, it is very important for you to answer the following questions:

  • Do I need QR Codes in low number or do I need them in bulk
  • What type of information do I need to encode in the QR Code
  • Do I need QR Code labels or print QR Codes on print media creatives
  • Should I integrate my information system with a QR Code API to generate QR Codes programmatically
  • Do I need the QR Code generator software to be included in my own source code

Once you know the answers of these questions, you can then go on to choose the type of QR Code generation method that best suits your purpose.

B. Different QR Code generation methods for different Use Cases

Here are three types of QR Codes that you can use, once your use case is defined. These are:

1. Need low number of QR Codes to link information

These QR Codes will suit best in the following use cases if you:

  • Need QR Codes in low number
  • Need customized QR Codes
  • Want to track the scanning activity and get analytics for your QR Code campaign
  • Wish to password protect your QR Code
  • Need the exact GPS location of each scan

In order to create such QR Codes, you can use a professional QR Code generator tool such as Scanova. And here, you can use both Static and Dynamic QR Code depending upon the category of QR Code you select.

For example, if you want to link the contact details or any other additional information of your clients, you can create V Card QR Code. Upon scanning via a smartphone, you will be able to access the whole profile of your client. Plus, the contact details will automatically get saved on your phone, upon scanning.

2. Need QR Codes in bulk to link information

These QR Codes will suit best for the following use cases if you:

  • Require QR Codes in high number
  • Wish to design your QR Code by adding a logo
  • Have the data beforehand that has to be encoded in the QR Code

And to create QR Codes in bulk, you will need a bulk QR Code Generator tool.

Here is a detailed guide of you can create QR Codes in bulk.

3. Need QR Codes generation to integrate with your system

Integrating your system will suit best if:

  • You need QR Codes in bulk
  • Want QR Code in real-time via an API call
  • Need static QR Codes with URL, text, Vcard, WiFi, Phone, Email, and SMS content
  • Want customized QR Codes with logo

In order to integrate your account, you need a professional API tool like Scanova’s Static QR Code Generation API. Here, you need to sign up for a 14-day free trial.

You can then generate QR Codes in bulk by using Scanova’s API. You can integrate Scanova’s Static QR Code Generation API with your own information system or mobile app and generate a QR Code anytime.

This way you can generate QR Codes programmatically. You just need to send a trigger request with data (QR Code design, size, format and the data to be saved in it) to Scanova’s API. The API will then respond with the QR Code image

On the other hand you can use Scanova’s SDK to add it to your own server. Here, you can make API calls locally, allowing you to generate custom-designed QR Codes at a must faster rate.

So, software services companies, once your purpose is clearly defined, you can choose the type of QR Code generation method that will best suit your client project best.

Hence, this way you can use QR Codes in software services company.

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