Like many other retailers in India, Shoppers Stop added a QR Code to its newspaper advertisement. Our team at Scanova decided to check if the advertiser had followed good practices or not. Will users have a smooth experience engaging with the brand? Lets find out:

shoppers stop qr code

1. Call-to-Action with QR Code

The advertiser did well to add the text ‘Scan the QR Code to Shop Now’ below the QR Code image. This lets the viewers know exactly what they can expect when they scan the code. The brand could have also added an instruction on how to scan the code for the benefit of those who are not aware of the QR Code technology. However, given the increasing use of QR Codes, this is not such a big concern anymore.

shoppers stop qr code

2. Non-trackable QR Code used

The advertiser has used a non-trackable QR Code. This means that the advertiser cannot track how many people scanned the code. In addition, the advertiser cannot edit the content as it has been hard-coded into the design of the QR Code. Both these functions are possible with trackable codes, which can easily be created using online QR Code generators.

shoppers stop qr code

3. The landing page is Shoppers Stop’s online retail store

On scanning the code, the audience is directed to view the products listed on Shoppers Stop’s online retail store. This is a smart move as the brand is trying to capture the offline audience and driving them to purchase online – one of the fundamental use cases of QR Codes.

4. Online retail store not mobile optimized

Directing consumers to the online retail store was a great idea. However, one thing is certain that the buyers will not have a great experience in viewing products or making purchases. The online retail store of Shoppers Stop is not mobile optimized. This is a common mistake that most brands (who have recently adopted mobile as a viable sales channel) make.

shoppers stop qr code

shoppers stop qr code

Evaluation Score: 2/5


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