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Enhance the Customer Journey Via QR Codes

You’ve probably seen numerous QR Codes around. The square-shaped, black and white codes with a smattering of patterns can be found on everything from magazine adverts to business cards. Successful businesses use QR Codes to creatively enhance their consumer journeys: think Coinbase’s 2022 Super Bowl ad. There are several ways to utilize QR Codes and […]

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QR Code In Design Industry: Some Fabulous Ideas

You are working in the design industry either as a freelancer or an advertising agency. And as a part of this industry, your motive is to enthrall the target audience with your design. And given your field in designing, you do face a couple of challenges. As a graphic designer, you are constantly devising ways […]

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How to Create an Interactive Wall Mural: List of 3 Examples

Good art can make any place look beautiful and wall murals are no exception. But what if you could use art to interact with people? Interactive wall murals are the perfect combination of art and engagement. How to create an interactive wall mural with ease? In this article, we will show you three different examples […]