Undoubtedly, videos are one of the finest ways to explain products and services to target customers. They help you bring life to your communications, sometimes event better than eBooks, infographics, and presentations do.

In fact, 80% of the video marketing professionals say that videos have increased product sales.

Videos help with brand retention. They elevate the interaction and experience of the customers with your brand.

Hence, video marketing is a powerful technique to increase conversion rates.

So, how do you automate the YouTube marketing campaigns like magazines, billboards, and brochures by using QR codes? Here’s a guide to help you out.

A. Automating YouTube Marketing Campaigns Using QR Codes


QR or Quick Response Codes used to store content in any form such as text, documents, images, and video.

And you probably want to market a YouTube video via QR Code.

You can use this QR Code on your marketing creatives such as leaflets, t-shirts, stickers, magazines, product packaging, and product labels.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

You can even add this QR Code on large banners and billboards. It will not only help your audience to easily view the encoded video but also help you monitor how many people actually scanned the QR Code.

B. Reasons to Use QR Codes to Automate YouTube Video Marketing Campaigns

Using QR Codes to automate YouTube video marketing has many benefits:

1. Better brand awareness and retention

As per studies, customers remember 95% of the messages they see via videos. And, they retain just 10% of what they get through plain text.

With QR Codes, it becomes easier for the end-users to take the required action. No need for them to manually type the video name or weblink. Just a scan takes them to the video.

When the user-experience becomes better, their retention rate increases. In addition, you can also customize QR Code design by adding color and logo to it. That way, you can make it look branded to your business for better brand awareness.

2. Increase your viewership

QR Codes work wonders to increase web traffic and the number of views. Since they offer a hassle-free process, many end-users actually start taking the required action.

In fact, 70% of the users use YouTube on their smartphones. There are over 6 billion smartphone subscriptions to YouTube worldwide. These numbers are increasing daily.

And with QR Codes, you optimise viewership experience for exactly this segment. That translates into better viewership in no time!

3. Maximizes YouTube Subscribers

As explained already, QR Codes make it easier for people to watch a video. And when they come to your channel, you can attract them into subscribing to your content.

To do it, you can give a CTA at the end of each video that urges people to subscribe to your channel.

C. Steps to Create QR Code to Automate Your YouTube Marketing Campaign

You just need a QR Code generator to get started.

Here’s a basic outline of the steps you can follow:

  • First, create a video using a smart video creator tool such as Invideo
  • Once done, upload the video to YouTube and copy the video link
  • Now, open the QR Code Generator and get to the Website URL category
  • Here you can paste the link to your YouTube video
  • Now click on Generate to create your QR code
  • You can then name your QR Code and move ahead to design it if needed
  • Once done, you can download the QR Code

Do not forget to do a scan test of the QR Code before launching it to ensure it is working fine.


Today, every facility is easily accessible via smartphones—from food and shopping to paying bills. Thus, QR Codes are one of the best tools to power up your YouTube marketing campaigns. Just one scan will give your customers a seamless experience of your brand.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

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