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1Create custom QR codes to attract more scans

2Show dynamic content to engage your audience

3Track scans to analyze impact of your campaign


Scanova has all the features you need to create the right QR Code for your campaign.

Why Scanova

What makes Scanova a powerful tool is that it is feature-rich, surprisingly fast, extremely affordable, and comes with extensive support from a dedicated team.

Feature Rich

  • Dynamic Codes
  • Powerful Designer
  • Campaign Manager
  • Impact Analyser


  • Instant Code Generation
  • Real-time Preview
  • Superfast Designer
  • One-click Code Activation/Deacivation


  • Free trial Account
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Multiple Plans
  • Flexible Payment Options

Extensive Support

  • Getting Started Tour
  • Feature Tours
  • Help Tool Tips
  • Email Support

Designer Highlights

Choices of
QR Code Types
Templates of Eye Designs
Templates of Data Patterns
Combinations of Advanced

What our Customers are saying

Scanova is a unique tool I use for Quick Response Technology. Today the advantages with networks like Scanova make business so much easier - no need to code as it is already built ready to use. As a designer, time is of the essence and finding Scanova was blessing to work with. On the Gold Coast, here in Australia technology is a must when it comes to business. Being a veteran online, a self developed Entrepreneur, and as a designer, using Scanova has been the best software to offer my services to potential clients locally and global.
Michael Borell
Director of MBORELL Design, Australia
I spent about a week looking for a QR code service for my video marketing business. I quickly found there are many many services out there with different levels of service. Beware any free QR services. They use their redirect to funnel traffic through their site or to third party sites. When I found a service that looked good, their prices were way out of budget or there was no direct contact with there customer service. And that is when I found Scanova. Scanova has robust design features, great customer service, and has reasonable prices. For example, I was looking for certain capabilities for my business. I wasn't finding it with Scanova. I started a chat session (which took seconds), told a rep about my issue. He told me it would be addressed within a day. Later that day I got an email tell me the feature was up and running. Now that is customer service.
Clover Carroll
Owner of New Story Media, US
I was looking for a colorful QR code that would be easily recognized and scan reliably. Scanova's colorful QR codes turned out to be perfect for my needs.
Chris McMullen
Author, US
Without knowing whether I was a one-time customer looking to generate a single custom QR - or a customer who designs for hundreds requiring an Enterprise account - Scanova treated me as a V.I.P. from the very beginning. I am continuously impressed with the outstanding personal attention and remarkably fast response time to any and all questions, concerns and requests that I have posed to them from the very first contact. Their services are all-encompassing and fit my demanding business needs. By offering me a "one-stop-shop", I am saving hundreds per year using multiple generating services. I look forward to a long term relationship with Scanova!
Leah L. Burton
QRsmART Designs

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About Scanova

Scanova is the world's most powerful QR Code Generator and Designer. Our online generator and designer will help you create high-quality and beautiful QR Codes for all your marketing promotions and operational requirements. We strive to help marketers leverage the potential of QR Codes in their marketing campaigns in the most affordable way.

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