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Institutes using Scanova's QR Code Generator: Kennedy Krieger Institute
Institutes using Scanova's QR Code Generator: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Institutes using Scanova's QR Code Generator: World Vision
Institutes using Scanova's QR Code Generator: SocalSSM
Institutes using Scanova's QR Code Generator: National Wildlife Federation

Elevating non-profit impact via Scanova’s QR Codes

Share contact information and other details via Scanova's online QR Code Generator.

Contactless Information Sharing

Share QR Codes on promotional materials to direct users to the organization's website or specific project pages. Connect QR Codes to digital business cards, making it easy for potential partners or donors to get in touch.

Use customized QR Codes to share event details and ensure smooth check-in.

Enhanced Event Management

Use QR Codes for fundraising events' ticketing and streamline check-in processes. Include event details, schedules, and maps in QR Codes for easy access by attendees.

Boost social media engagement with social media QR Code Generator.

Social Media Integration

Incorporate QR Codes linking to social media profiles in print materials and boost online engagement. Encourage supporters to share QR Codes to expand the organization's reach.

Make it easy for people to volunteer and register via Scanova's Dynamic QR Codes.

Volunteer Management

Utilize QR Codes for volunteer check-ins and tracking attendance at events. Link QR Codes to volunteer registration forms, making the process more efficient.

Create trackable QR Codes and analyze crucial data for informed decision-making.

Data Collection & Analysis

Collect valuable data by embedding QR Codes in surveys or feedback forms. Analyze scan data to understand user engagement and tailor future campaigns accordingly.

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Why Scanova is the best QR Code Generator for non-profits

Visual highlighting how to make a QR Code using our tool. The process is simple and doesn't require any technical knowledge.

Easy to Use

Using Scanova doesn't require any complex technical skills like other marketing tools or software. You can generate a QR Code campaign quickly and effortlessly with Scanova.

Visual depicting Scanova's superior customization features—QR Codes with logo, different data patterns, frames, and more.

Superior Customization

Scanova offers a range of customization options like adding brand colors, patterns, logo/images, and converting frames. This ensures a consistent appearance, reinforcing the organization's identity.

Edit linked content, track scans, and more with Scanova's QR Code Generator.

Complete Control

Manage your QR Code campaigns with Scanova's Dynamic QR Codes—edit content on the fly, activate/deactivate as needed, track scans, and access other pro features

Reach out to Scanova's customer support team via WhatsApp, Chat, Email, and call.

Reliable Support

Scanova's support team is available 24x5 to provide continuous support and guidance needed by the users to enjoy a smooth experience

Highest data security

Scanova adheres to the highest security standards—ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and SOC2

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