QR Codes for Real Estate

Scanova's real estate QR Code Generator is the top choice of real estate giants to acquire, engage, and convert property buyers

Real estate giants using Scanova's QR Code Generator: EMAAR
Real estate giants using Scanova's QR Code Generator: Ivanhoe Cambridge

Scanova's QR Codes streamline the real estate experience, making it easier for buyers and sellers to close deals efficiently

User can simply scan Scanova's QR to access detailed property information.

Share Property Information

QR Code on real estate flyers, real estate signs with QR Codes, or other marketing materials can allow potential buyers to scan and instantly access detailed property information—including photos, floor plans, amenities, transportation options, pricing, and other information

Potential buyer taking a virtual tour of the property by scanning Scanova's QR Code.

Conduct Virtual Tours

QR Codes can link to virtual tours or video walkthroughs, offering prospective buyers an immersive experience of the property on their mobile devices

Scan Scanova's QR Code to book appointments and property visits

Schedule Visits

QR Codes can enable potential buyers to book property visits or appointments with real estate agents directly via print media promotional materials

Realtors can easily capture lead via Scanova's Dynamic QR Codes.

Lead Generation

QR Codes can capture leads by prompting users to provide their contact information in exchange for access to additional property details or exclusive content

Integrate QR Codes with marketing materials and provide access to detailed content, save printing space, and costs.

Cut Costs

QR Codes are a cost-effective way to enhance marketing materials. They can be easily integrated into flyers, brochures, and even digital marketing campaigns

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Use QR Codes to quickly close deals

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Why Scanova is the preferred choice of real estate leaders like Emaar & Ivanhoe Cambridge

Exercise complete control over your Dynamic QR Codes with Scanova.

Complete Control

Take charge of your real estate QR Code campaigns using Dynamic QR Codes—edit content anytime, activate/deactivate as per requirement, track scans, and access other pro capabilities

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Highest Data Security

Scanova adheres to the highest security standards—ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and SOC2

Scanova's QR Code Generator has 24 categories to choose from.

Multiple QR Code Categories

Scanova has 24 QR Code categories to choose from. Share information by linking QR Codes to interactive multimedia content like websites, videos, documents, images, and more.

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Reliable Support

Scanova’s dedicated support team works round the clock to ensure a smooth experience for users

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