QR Codes in Education

Use QR Codes in education to enhance learning experience and streamline administrative processes

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Scanova's QR Codes can provide quick access to online resources, self-paced learning, and easy assessment

A customized QR Code on a textbook. Scanning the QR Code redirects student to an educational video.

Interactive Learning Resources

Incorporating QR Codes in classrooms allows publishers and teachers to seamlessly connect course materials with websites, audios, videos, and more—providing students with quick access to additional information and interactive resources

Go paperless, link QR Codes to assignments.

Digital Assignments

Teachers can link QR Codes to digital assignments or quizzes, enabling students to complete these tasks using smartphones or tablets for a hassle-free and paperless experience

Student scanning Scanova's QR Code to access tutorials and lectures as per their convenience.

Self-paced Learning

Instructors can create QR Codes for pre-recorded lectures or instructional videos. This allows students to learn at their own pace.

Student can simply scan a QR Code to access detailed feedback on their tests or assignments.


QR Codes can make assessment and feedback processes easier. Teachers can attach QR Codes to graded assignments and link detailed feedback for the students to go through.

Students sharing notes and other study material via Scanova's customized QR Codes.

Peer-to-peer Learning

Students can create and share QR Codes for study guides, summaries, and resources they find valuable. This encourages collaboration and peer-to-peer teaching.

Student engaging with Scanova's Dynamic QR Codes.


QR Codes enhance educational games by enabling students to scan and unlock clues, solve riddles, and earn rewards—boosting engagement in learning

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Leverage QR Codes to enhance the learning experience for new-age students

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Why Scanova is the preferred choice of educational institutes and publishers

Visual depicting how students can save paper/printing costs by using QR Codes.


Scanova’s QR Codes minimize the cost of printing and distributing physical materials in education—reducing educational expenses

Educators can analyze the effectiveness of course material by tracking scans and other data.

Data Tracking & Analysis

Scanova’s QR Codes can provide data on scanning frequency and timing, offering educators insights into student engagement and the effectiveness of the educational resource

Person updating the content linked to a Dynamic QR Code easily.

Easy Updation

The information linked to a QR Code can be changed without altering the code, simplifying the process of content updation

When it comes to Scanova's QR Code Generator, only authorized user can access linked content.


Scanova QR Codes can enhance security by allowing access only to authorized users

Highest data security

Scanova adheres to the highest security standards—ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and SOC2

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