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In this blog, QR Code subject experts from Team Scanova and guest authors regularly share their deep knowledge and opinions about QR Codes and their uses cases across applications, industries, and geographies.

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In addition to knowledge about QR Codes and its use cases, news about QR Codes are also regularly published on the blog.

Scanova Blog’s QR Code experts and most popular authors include Gautam Garg, Yashika Tangri, and Zara Rizwan. Together they have over 10 years of experience in working with QR Codes. Guest authors include Neha Shaah and Saurabh Bhaumik.


About Scanova

Scanova is a QR Code Management tool that helps marketers create, design, manage, and track QR Codes for both promotional and operational use cases. Founded in 2013, Scanova has helped over 60,000 businesses across 114 countries create QR Codes for their campaigns including big names such as Amazon, Cisco, Intel, Levis’s, Johnson & Johnson, Leo Burnett, Staples, 7-Eleven amongst many others.

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