With over 1 billion global users, Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messenger (IM). Although an IM, Whatsapp comes close to being a social media network. Thanks to the group messaging feature. The Groups feature now has an update—Whatsapp Group QR Code.

Whatsapp Group QR Code

If you are the Administrator, you can now add Group participants using a Whatsapp Group QR Code. For each group, you can generate a unique QR Code and share it with the participants.

The participants can scan the QR Code using a generic QR Code scanner app. This will add them to the group.

This feature is available to Android users (app v. 2.16.281 or higher) and iPhone users (app v. 2.16.10 or higher).  

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How to use Whatsapp Group QR Code?

If you are a group Administrator, you should share the group QR Code on platforms that have a wider audience. For example, you can share it via Facebook, flyers, or outdoor media.

Note that users will be able to join groups with ease only if the QR Code is non-mobile media. If you wish to reach users on their mobile phones (e.g. SMS, etc.), then sharing a link will be a better option.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a Whatsapp Group QR Code to invite participants:

1.Go to a Whatsapp Group or create a new one. Remember that you should be the Administrator to be able to invite participants

2.Once you have opened/created the Group, open the Group chat window


3.Tap on the Group’s name. This will open the Group’s info

4.In the Participants section, click on the ‘Invite to Group via Link’ option

Whatsapp Group QR Code

5.You will now see three options to share the Group link and one to revoke it

Whatsapp Group QR Code6.Select the ‘QR Code’ option

Whatsapp Group QR Code7.You can now share this QR Code via Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc. or save it as a PDF

Whatsapp Group QR Code

8.Whoever has access to this QR Code can scan it using a generic QR Code scanning app and view the Group Link

Whatsapp Group QR Code

9.Users need to open the link which will activate Whatsapp and prompt them to join the Group

Whatsapp Group QR Code

Note: Ensure that you share the Whatsapp Group QR Code with participants you trust. In case the QR Code/link reaches an unintended audience, you can revoke the link.

See how to design a WhatsApp Group QR Code.

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WhatsApp has other types of QR Codes too

Other than WhatsApp Group QR Code, WhatsApp also has two other types of QR Codes:

1.WhatsApp Web QR Codes: These QR Codes help users access their WhatsApp chats on desktop. The maine purpose of QR Codes here is to authenticate user

2. WhatsApp QR Codes: TWABetainfo—a website that monitors WhatsApp updates—spotted these QR Codes under progress in Nov, 2018. WhatsApp QR Codes will make it easier for users to add contacts by simply scanning a QR Code.

See how other messaging apps are using their own QR Codes.

That’s all you need to know about WhatsApp Group QR Code.

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