Bus commuters in Ahmedabad (India) will no longer have to wait in queues at ticket counters.

After Mumbai’s Best buses, the Ahmedabad’s Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) is set to adopt paperless ticketing with QR Codes.

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Ahmedabad BRTS QR Code tickets

By June 2017, bus commuters can buy tickets on BRTS’ app via their smartphones.

Commissioned by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and developed by a Japanese company, the app is a part of the Intelligent Transit Management System.  

To buy a bus ticket, all the commuter has to do is:

  1. Download BRTS’ app on their smartphone
  2. Enter the boarding and destination point

After making the payment, the app generates a QR Code which will serve as a ticket. Each BRTS bus will come with a QR Code scanner. The commuters will have to scan the QR Code on their app with the bus’ scanner to board the bus.

Many a time, commuters wait for their ride, not sure when it will arrive.

To address this issue, the buses will come fitted with a GPS. The GPS tracking will allow commuters to view the location of their bus via BRTS’ app. Just like Ahmedabad, cities across the world are adopting QR Code ticketing system.

This is one way how India is using QR Codes for various use cases.

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