You have visited an Indian Regional Transport Office (RTO). It might be to get your learner’s licence or your vehicle’s fitness certificate. And you’ve also seen people standing in long queues waiting to get their certificates.

This is tiresome for both RTO officers as well as visitors. However, citizens of Bhubaneswar (India) might not need to wait in long queues at RTOs anymore.

The State Government of Odisha (Bhubaneswar) has decided to launch three vehicle certificates online from Feb 4, 2019. These certificates include:

1. Learner’s licence
2. Fitness certificate
3. Contact carriage and Goods carriage permit

Hence, paper-based learner’s licences will become a thing of past. Each Bhubaneswar RTO will issue online vehicle certificates now on.

Why has Bhubaneswar launched online vehicle certificates?

Main aim behind this move is to reduce the number of visitors to the transport offices. It will help RTO officers focus on other pressing issues.

Also, it will allow people download the certificates from their place of convenience. As a result, they’ll not have to visit the RTO physically and wait in the queues.

Sanjeeb Panda, Transport Commissioner said:

“The issue of the three paper-based certificates shall be stopped in the larger interest of the public.”

How will the system work?

First, applicants will have to follow detailed instructions and submit the documents.

Then they can download the licence, fitness certificate, and permits online from

Each certificate will have a QR Code. QR Codes are 2D barcodes that store alphanumeric information. As one scans a QR Code, it redirects her to see the encoded information.

QR Code on these certificates will help verify the document’s genuineness through the portal.

Also, while applying for a driving licence, the need of original learner’s licence has been dispensed. This is because the licence authority can verify learner’s licence details from the web portal.

This is one way how City administrations are taking steps to help their citizens.

That’s all you need to know about how each Bhubaneswar RTO will provide online vehicle certificates. This will help both the citizens and the RTO officers.


What are your views on this move? Share them in the comments below.

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