Bing Search by Microsoft is the most popular alternative to Google Search. And now it’s set to get better. In it’s latest update, Bing Search has added two new features – a QR Code scanner and Image Search.

bing search qr code scanner

The new features are part of Bing Search’s Visual Search. Visual Search allows you to:

  • Search images using an image from your phone gallery
  • Search image by taking a picture with your phone camera
  • Complete an action by scanning a QR Code

The QR Code scanning feature works just like a QR Code scanning app. So if you already have Bing on your phone or if you have a Windows-based device, no need to download a dedicated app.

I believe Bing Search has made this move to acknowledge the increased awareness and scanning of QR Codes amongst consumers, especially in China. Recent reports suggest that Microsoft itself is using a QR Code on its Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10.

Note that the update is currently available in the US only. Download Bing Search for iOS or Android.

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