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Bing Search adds QR Code Scanner to its app

Bing Search by Microsoft is the most popular alternative to Google Search. And now it’s set to get better. In it’s latest update, Bing Search has added two new features – a QR Code scanner and Image Search.

bing search qr code scanner

The new features are part of Bing Search’s Visual Search. Visual Search allows you to:

  • Search images using an image from your phone gallery
  • Search image by taking a picture with your phone camera
  • Complete an action by scanning a QR Code

The QR Code scanning feature works just like a QR Code scanning app. So if you already have Bing on your phone or if you have a Windows-based device, no need to download a dedicated app.

I believe Bing Search has made this move to acknowledge the increased awareness and scanning of QR Codes amongst consumers, especially in China. Recent reports suggest that Microsoft itself is using a QR Code on its Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10.

Note that the update is currently available in the US only. Download Bing Search for iOS or Android.


By Gautam Garg

Gautam is a problem-solver, innovator, and customer delight-seeker. At work, he uses his skills to solve problems, writes blogs, and make businesses smoother. When not working, he is travelling and experiments with new things.

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