We are all on WhatsApp. Maybe not all but at least 1.3 billion of us as of Jul 2017. It’s a popular mobile app but did you know that you can access Whatsapp on your computer via a feature called WhatsApp Web. But the way you authenticate yourself is slightly different but very easy. No Email ID. No username. No password. You only need to scan a QR Code on your computer (know as Whatsapp Web QR Code) using WhatsApp on your smartphone. Here is a quick video on how this works:

But lets go through some basics first:

A. WhatsApp Web QR Code

Firstly, a QR Code is a 2D barcode that can store information just like a barcode. You can think of it as an advanced form of a barcode. QR Codes are very popular in mobile payments and are used by WeChat, Paytm, BHIM App, Mobikwik, and many other mobile payment platforms. A QR Code can be scanned and decoded using an application on your smartphone.

Just like these payment apps, WhatsApp uses QR Codes to authenticate its subscribers and provide access to WhatsApp chats on your computer. You can read the next section to know more about QR Code authentication or skip directly to How to Access WhatsApp Chats on PC.

B. QR Code Authentication for WhatsApp Web

When you first created a WhatsApp account, you only registered your phone number and verified it with an OTP. You do not have a login or password. So how do you access Whatsapp on PC? How does WhatsApp verify that it’s you and shows you the right chats.

It does this by using the logged in WhatsApp app on your smartphone. Your phone is your password. You can use it to login to Whatsapp Web on your PC.

C. How to Access WhatsApp Chats on PC

1. Go to web.whatsapp.com on your computer browser or download the Whatsapp Web desktop application for your PC/Mac.

2. On the main screen, you will see a QR Code. This QR Code is dynamic in nature and will change every few seconds.

whatsapp web qr code home screen

3. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone. Note that WhatsApp is now only available in iPhones, Android-based smartphones, and Windows phones.

4. On Android phones, click the ‘More Options’ button on the top right corner and click on ‘WhatsApp Web’. In iPhones, go to the Settings tab and then click on WhatsApp Web/Desktop

whatsapp web qr code option

5. From this screen click on the ‘+’ sign on the top right corner to open the scanner. In iPhones, the scanner will launch automatically.

whatsapp web qr code add computer

6. Using this Scanner, scan the WhatsApp Web QR Code on your browser screen or desktop app to complete the authentication process.

whatsapp qr code

Now you will be able to view your chats. Note that you will need to keep your phone on and connected to the internet for WhatsApp Web to work. The phone acts as a server and if you switch it off or disconnect mobile internet, you will not be able to view your chats on Whatsapp Web.

whatsapp web qr code chats

To log out, simply go to the WhatsApp Web section on your WhatsApp app and click on ‘Log out of all computers’. This will ensure that you are not logged into any PC.

whatsapp web qr code log out

How to Secure Yourself from Whatsapp Hacks

While using a QR Code has made it easy to access Whatsapp on PC, it is also made users vulnerable to hacks. Anyone who has access to your phone even for a few seconds, can view your chats on their PC or even mobile device.

A. WhatScan App Messenger for Android & iPhones

If your partner or parent or friends have the Whatscan App Messenger (Android, iPhone) on their smartphone, they are probably spying on your WhatsApp chats. The Whatscan app simply mirrors Whatsapp Web in a mobile app. Here is how it works:

  • Say your partner downloads and opens the app, he’ll see a QR Code (Whatsapp Web QR Code)
  • He’ll ask for your phone for a minute or two to ‘check’ something
  • He’ll then quickly open your Whatsapp and go to the Whatsapp Web section, which launches a QR Code Scanner
  • He’ll scan the QR Code on the Whatscan app on his device
  • That’s it. All your chats will now be visible on this app (just like Whatsapp Web) as long as your phone is connected to the internet

To ensure that noone is spying on your chats, regularly visit the Whatsapp Web section on your phone and hit ‘Log out of all computers’. This will ensure that your WhatsApp is logged out and everyone will need to scan the QR Code again using your phone.

B. Whatsapp Web on PC

Just like the WhatScan app, anyone can also scan the Whatsapp Web QR Code on a computer screen if they have access to your phone for a few minutes. They don’t even need to download an app.

See the video below to secure yourself from Whatsapp hacks by friends and family members.

You are all set to use WhatsApp Web.

Still have questions? Ask in the comments section below.


Gautam Garg is a Co-founder of Scanova. He is a QR Code enthusiast and a big fan of inbound marketing, CRO, and usability. When taking a break, he likes to travel solo and eat spicy food. Follow him on Twitter @GGarg88

  • Khaled Kassem

    I understand the steps involved, but I don’t understand what information is actually being exchanged between my phone and my computer when I scan the QR code with my phone. It’s also peculiar in the way it uses my phone internet connection rather than my computer’s. Can you explain further?

    • scanovatech

      Hi Khaled,

      The most important thing you need to know is that all your chat data is all stored only on your phone and not on any other server accessible via web.

      Whatsapp Web is simply a terminal to use Whatsapp via your phone. Think of it as a second screen. When you scan the QR Code, you authenticate your account. Then Whatsapp Web pulls your chat data from your phone in real-time. It also sends any message that you add on Whatsapp Web directly to your phone first and then to the recipient.

      This is why you need your phone to be on as well as with an active internet connection. Your phone is your server and to see your data on Whatsapp Web, you need your server to be active.

      Hope this clarifies your question.


      • Khaled Kassem

        Thanks for the clarification.
        Given the information you just shared, why is this method better than, say, the method Facebook uses with messages, where the phone app and the web interface access the same “account” and sent messages get synched up as long as there is an active internet connection on both terminals?

        I’m trying to understand why they didn’t decide to use the web interface on its own once it’s been authenticated, because with this method there seems to be a lot of loop-around communication, web-to-phone followed by phone-to-server, and it’s all being done through the Whatsapp servers if I understand correctly, even if the chat data is not stored on the server itself.


        • scanovatech

          This can be explained in two ways:

          1. Whatsapp is a ‘Mobile-first’ application: Whatsapp started as a mobile application and chose a model where all the data will be stored on the users device. Now when whatsapp decides to add another device (Whatsapp Web), technically the current method (using mobile as a server) is the only way to go about it.

          From a regulatory point of view, it might be possible that Whatsapp is not allowed to copy the users data from their devices to its web servers without first taking their permission.

          For Facebook, which started as a web app, having a web server was a necessity. For Facebook, it was much easier to scale to a mobile app using the same servers.

          2. Why Mobile Servers are better than Web Servers: I think this is debatable and largely depends on the strategy of the company. For companies that prefer to store data on Mobile (such as Whatsapp), the advantages are privacy of the users and possibly low cost of operations (no cost of maintaining web servers).

          Hope this was helpful.


          • Khaled Kassem

            Thanks a lot for the explanation.


          • Mohit Nagpal

            @scanovatech:disqus : My whatsapp scanner is not able to scan the QR code even when my Whatsapp and Google chrome are updated! Any leads?

          • scanovatech

            Hi Mohit,

            Can you scan QR Code attached and test if your phone camera can decode this? The only issues (that I can think of) preventing you from scanning the Whatsapp QR Code could be:

            1. Damaged camera lens
            2. Bad lighting
            3. Software bug

            Please let me know which device you are using.


  • DreamAccio

    hello. i am from india and i use nokia asha 502.. i cant find any option to scan qr codes from my phone and hence cant run whatsapp web.. i would be highly gratified if you could help me out..

    • scanovatech

      Hi DreamAccio,

      First of all, your phone is definitely compatible to use Whatsapp Web as it’s an S40 phone. As per Whatsapp Web instructions for S40 phones, you need to:

      1. Open Whatsapp
      2. Swipe up from bottom of the screen
      3. Click on the Whatsapp Web option

      Let me know if this works.


      • DreamAccio

        thank you for your time. it works just fine. i wasn’t being able to find the “whatsapp web” because the software wasn’t up to date. 🙂

        • scanovatech

          Glad that it all worked out fine!


          • Deepak Kumar Dhal

            I am using nokia asha 311. I tried swipe up from bottom but it doesnt work for me.

          • scanovatech

            Nokia Asha 311 is also an S40 device so Whatsapp Web is definitely supported. Have you updated your Whatsapp app to the latest version? DreamAccio had a similar problem.

          • Deepak Kumar Dhal

            yes..its 2.12.81

          • Shereen hassan

            what does it mean to swipe up from the bottom?

        • Rony L Madani

          i’ve same problem with u dude,ive the latest whatsapp but theres no whatsapp web 🙁

          • DreamAccio

            what are the options when you swipe up from down the screen?

      • Pramod Anjan

        my phone is nokia x3-02 when i swipe from bottom of the screen nothing is going happening

        • scanovatech

          Hi Pramod,

          Please ensure that you have the latest version of Whatsapp and latest version of your S40 operating system. If you have the latest updates, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

          Let me know if you continue to face this issue.


          • Yaeli Benovich

            my phone is nokia x3-02 when i swipe from bottom of the screen nothing happen.. I do have the latest version of whatsapp..
            can you help me?

  • mzaids644

    I don’t have a working camera in my phone, can i open whats app web in any other form??? Please help!

    • scanovatech

      Hi MZaid,

      I am assuming that your camera is not working because if your phone doesn’t have a camera then Whatsapp Web is not supported at all for your device.

      Unfortunately, if you don’t have a working camera then it won’t be possible to for you scan the Whatsapp Web QR Code from your device and use Whatsapp Web. You will have to get a device from the list of supported devices mentioned in the second half of this page: https://web.whatsapp.com/ with a working camera.

      Hope this was helpful.


  • Urfi Ali

    some one has copied my QR code of whatsapp and for this reason i have to uninstall my whatsapp please provide my the solution from this dilema

    • scanovatech

      Hi Urfi Ali,

      Copying the QR Code of Whatsapp Web will not help anyone as it is valid for only a few seconds and is independent of your Whatsapp account.

      If someone scanned a QR Code on Whatsapp Web on their PC using your phone then they will be able to see your chats and send/received your messages using that PC. To revoke access from their PC, you can log out from within your Whatsapp app on your phone.

      On your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, open Whatsapp. Click on the three dots icon on the top right corner and click on Whatsapp Web option. Now simply, click on ‘Log out from all Computers’ on the page that loads. On this page, you will also see history of activity.

      Hope this was helpful.

  • Urfi Ali

    I am using samsung galaxy grand prime plase ensure me at the earliest how to get from this problem as i am unable to use whatsapp since 20 days because of security reasons as some one has copied my QR code and he is creating a big problem for me.

  • Urfi Ali

    yes sir u r right some one scanned my QR code on whatsapp web on their pc using my phone.is there any solution to this problem as i already unistall watsapp plaese tell me the solution to this problem.

    • scanovatech

      Hi Uri,

      I would suggest to install your Whatsapp app again on your phone and check in the Whatsapp Web section in the app if there are active computers using your Whatsapp. If there are, use the ‘Log out from our computers’ button to not allow any computer to view your chats.

      Once you have done that, you can freely use Whatsapp App on your phone. Nobody else will be able to access your chats on any PC until they can scan again.

      Hope this was helpful.

  • Ramachandran Vijayalakshmi

    hello mr.gautam my name is vijayalakshmi and i got ASHA NOKIA PHONE 200 is it possible to downlaod whatsapp on this phone pl reply me

    • scanovatech

      Hi Vijayalaxmi,

      Whatsapp is not supported for Nokia Asha 200. See the list of Nokia devices that support Whatsapp: https://www.whatsapp.com/nokia/

      Hope this was helpful.

  • Ramachandran Vijayalakshmi

    DEar Mr.Gautam i got one nokia lumia 900 phone from singapore when i was in singapore i used to get skype on this phone but here in india i am not getting skype on my phone what is the reason please help out pl

  • Mohit Nagpal

    @scanovatech : My whatsapp scanner is not able to scan the QR code even when my Whatsapp and Google chrome are updated! Any leads?


      It’s happening with me also.Did you find any solution for this ?

      • scanovatech

        Hi Prateek,

        You might want to check if your camera is working properly. Here is what you need to test:

        1. Download a generic QR Code scanning app: https://scanova.io/blog/blog/2015/04/01/qr-code-scanner-iphone-android/

        2. Scan any simple QR Code using an app to check if your camera is able to detect and decode QR Codes

        If you’re not able to, then this probably means that its a hardware defect rather than an issue with Chrome or Whatsapp.

        Hope this helps.

  • Naresh Kumar

    Is there any option to get QR code in windows mobile…. model is Microsoft 640 XL

  • Jerry

    I have Gionee E7… although i was able to access whatsapp previously… the second time around it doesnt work…. the QR reader does not seem to read the code. It just stays static zooming in and out at the QR code.

    I tried reinstalling whatsapp but the same problem persists. Any ideas?!

    • scanovatech

      The issue could be with your camera. Try scanning any other QR Code and see if your device is able to scan a QR Code or not. You can create a test QR Code using http://scanova.io and you will need a generic QR Code scanning application (i-nigma, QR Code Reader by Scan).

  • Reshid

    How do i verify whether my whatsapp is activated in a web browser. Any tips please

    • scanovatech

      On your Whatsapp app on your device, go to Settings. Then go to Whatsapp Web. You will be able to see the list of computers you are logged into.

      • Reshid

        Thanks scanovatech. It was a good deed

  • giovanni

    961@gioromus@hotmail.com0096103531201 lg

  • vishnu

    hi … greetings of the day !!! i was using whatsapp web and was accessing watsapp on my laptop for a month but suddenly my laptop is unable to access and only showing the page to scan QR code , i have logged out also and reinstalled whatsapp again but still the same , kindly suggest how to access whatsapp again on my laptop urgently …thanx

    • scanovatech

      Hi Vishnu,

      To isolate the problem, you’ll need to run a few tests:
      1. Ask a friend or family member to scan the QR Code on http://web.whatsapp.com on your laptop using their Whatsapp app. If they are able to, then the issue is with your device. It could be a camera problem which cannot decode the QR Code.

      2. Use someone else’s laptop/computer and scan the QR Code on http://web.whatsapp.com using your Whatsapp app. If you are able to, then the issue lies with the browser on your laptop. Clear cache and stored cookies and try scanning the QR Code again or try in another browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.)

      Hope this was helpful.

      • vishnu

        hi… sorry for late reply …thanx it worked after following the steps you mentioned …thanx again

        • scanovatech

          You are welcome 🙂

        • vishnu

          hi… one more help required … how to keep the record of wtasp calls on laptop ? i am using wsap on my laptop after scanning QR code but unable to keep record of wsapp calls …will be greatfull for the help …thanx

          • scanovatech

            I believe Whatsapp Calling is not yet supported on Whatsapp Web. This could be because all data is transferred via your phone to Whatsapp Web over internet. While transferring chat data (small data size) might be a seamless experience, same cannot be said for transferring voice data (large data size).

          • vishnu

            then any other way out ?

          • scanovatech

            You can look for hacks or third-party applications that do this. I am not aware of any though.

  • Soo7

    I accessed Whatsapp Web on a computer at a relative’s house yesterday. Now, I’m not aware whether he logged out or not, I had to go somewhere. I need to be sure that he has indeed logged out and is not snooping around. I use an iPhone. Anyway I can ensure he has logged out, or can I log my ID out of the PC using my iPhone?

    • scanovatech

      Hi Soo7,

      Yes you can log out of Whatsapp Web from your iPhone. Open Whatsapp > Settings > Whatsapp Web. You will see an option to log out of all computers.

      Hope this was helpful.

  • Amit Choudhary

    Just a small query , if i change my smartphone.(contact no is same), do i rescan the qr from the new device or it still works???

    • scanovatech

      In all likelihood, you will need to rescan the QR Code. This is because your phone acts as the server for Whatsapp Web data.

  • Nadi Mike

    ive been using whatsapp on other android phone , but it keeps disconnecting ( though im putting the tick on keep me logging), and every time I have to rescan the QR code again and again ! its really a boring process.
    is there any advice to keep me connected without the need to rescan the code everyday???

    • Nadi Mike

      what are the reasons to that , so I can avoid ?

  • Nadi Mike


    I’ve been using whatsapp web
    on other android phone using chrome browser , but it keeps disconnecting (
    though I’m putting the tick on keep me logged in), and every time I
    have to rescan the QR code again and again ! its really a boring process.

    is there any advice to
    keep me connected without the need to rescan the code every day???

    are the reasons for disconnection ?

    are the solutions to prevent that ?

    do restart my HTC phone everyday the one which I copied its whatsapp on the
    chrome, I’ve noticed that each time I restart the whatsapp web gets disconnected. Is
    this related ? and how can I avoid this occurrence ?

  • Vipul Makodia

    my phone scans selfie only. What to do?

    • scanovatech

      If your back camera is faulty, then you will need to get it fixed. I don’t think Whatsapp supports scanning via front camera.

  • Hi. I’m using Optimus Black (P970) with Nameless ROM and Android 4.4.4

    I’m unable to scan the QR code. Once I accept the “OK, I understand” label to start scanning, screen turns black, and the phone restarts. It’s a clean installation of today. Other scanning app crashes trying to read a QR, but “Barcode Scanner” from Zxing runs, and I’m capable of reading QR/barcodes.

    I tried to double tap outside the warning, but nothing happens.

    The phone is rooted. With other ROM I had no problem, so it’s not matter of the camera. Zxing recognizes the Whatsapp QR, but it’s useless to authorise the PC to use Whatsapp Web. I’m stuck there. Thanks!

  • Didi

    Hi. I installed Whatsapp web on my pc. All works well only i can just chat. Dont see any way to call. Am i missing something? Thanks!

  • xxDessie Umbergerxx

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    • Felipe Rhuzicka

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  • Thanks for your clear explaination.

  • rajat singh

    what is the range between phone n computer

  • John Bachman

    Awesome article with a very detailed explanation. Love it. It actually got me so exited that I searched for the reason why they even implemented such a feature since it didn´t sound like something “new” to me. But I found a nice article that covered why they and other big companies start relying on location identifiers. If you are interested, this is the article I found:

  • MelitaArellano46

    Thanks a lot, this really is a truly awsome article! I had a good experience filling forms online and happy to share it with you. You’ll forget about paperwork when you try PDFfiller. NYC RPIE-2010 Instruction can be filled out in 5-10 mins here http://goo.gl/jnyIWF

  • Nilima Pawar

    my query is that when all the situation for smartphone becomes identical and if two smartphones are scanning together then, what wii happened and what actions should whatsapp take?

  • rahul more

    if someone scan my whatsapp QR code from another device then what will be happen..??
    is that they get my all details or what..??? or they can access my app..??
    what will be happen..???

  • latifa

    Hello i have a 2 question.. Question number 1: I scan the code.. In this moment i am using whatapp web.. And I would like to know how much time is available the code? Is gonna work till I will log out from my computer? Or at 2months you have to repeat the proces again? Question number 2.. If the phone that I’ve scanned the code is switching the whatapp account for 1h and using other number.. What will be the message that I will receive on my computer? That the phone has no internet connection or will be log out directly and ask me to scan the code again?

    Thank you very much…

    • scanovatech

      Hi Latifa,

      Please see my responses to your questions:

      Question 1: If you have logged into Whatsapp Web using your Whatsapp app, then you will be logged in till you log out. Logging out is possible either using your Whatsapp app or if you clear your browser cache/cookies. I don’t think there is a fixed period when you will be automatically logged out.

      Question 2: If you switch the phone number on your Whatsapp app, I think you will be logged out of all computers. You will need to scan again to get messages of the new number Whatsapp.

      Hope this was helpful.

      • latifa

        Thank u very much..

  • Nooi Ferns

    Uhmmm I have 1 Q I battle now for 2 m now to get my whatsapp back on my pc ! I press the wrong button I press Log out off all computers is there a way to get it back on my pc it don’t want to scan the QR Code on my pc I battle also to get whatsupp back on my Alcatel phone bat i got it to work again ! Must I do any settings on my phone or pc to get it work again ? Can anyone help me pls ?

  • Abhi Sharma
  • Rodrigo X. Fiorin

    Hi, I’,m using Whatsapp Web and Whatsapp Panel on Mozilla and doesn’t seem to be a way to keep me logged in. I checked the “Keep me logged in” box every time and yet every time I use both the page or the add-on, I have to rescan the QR code. Why is this happening? Is there something else I’m missing?

  • Sahil Sehgal

    One of my friend anonymously scanned my whatsapp qr code frm my iphone and he got access to my whatsapp acount but i removed his access frm my phone … Can u plz tell that after removing his access frm my phone , he cant access it again??

    • scanovatech

      If you used the option ‘Log out of all computers’ from your Whatsapp app, then your friend will not be able to access your chats until he gains access to your phone again.

  • Mukul Malviya

    Hi gautam!
    I am working on startup idea. i want to discuss something about QR code.
    mukulmalviya2@gmail.com. please email me

  • kareem

    i oready scarned the code on my phone of adirent wats up number and i worked that time but now i cant acess the code again how can i again acess the wats up mesages on my phone of adirent acount the one i scarned the code

  • kareem

    i finished all the scarning of the code and it worked but now it cant open and i cant acess the cod again how can i acess the mesages and charts again

    • scanovatech

      You can try clearing cache from your browser or opening Whatsapp Web on a different browser (Safari, Firefox, etc.).

  • jagun gp

    I can access the what’s app at the beginning and I closed it, now again I want to access the same whatsapp. Can I access it again without scan the code?

    • scanovatech

      Yes if you haven’t used the ‘Log out of all Computers’ option from your Whatsapp app then you should still be logged in. Just go to http://web.whatsapp.com.

  • Keenan G Adams

    I have noticed that there is a PC logged into my whatsapp but I have never used whatsapp web. I tried logging out through my phone but the PC still has access after a day or 2.

    • scanovatech

      It is possible that someone has regular access to your phone and has logged in again even after you logged out.

  • Swastick Dey

    I scanned the code and get the chat and conversations bt now i want to keep another account in the pc..so I went to the whatsapp web from my phone and did log out from all computer devices..its okk..bt now i m not getting the qr code again in my pc..so how can I open a different account in my pc using qr code which is on my other phone??please help me..and help me also about it that after open the account on pc in the browser could I use it without opening in the browser??I mean could I cannot use the account in an app???

    • scanovatech

      You can try clearing cache from your browser or opening Whatsapp Web on a different browser (Safari, Firefox, etc.).


    before up date connectig desk top but after up date i am unable to connect desk top through qr code

    • scanovatech

      What issue are you facing?

  • Izzan Shaikh

    If I’ll hack whtsapp by qr code and then came to abroad still it will show me my gf whtsapp chat

    • scanovatech

      Yes. Doesn’t matter where the phone is as long as it is on, connected to the internet, and the owner hasn’t ‘Log out of all computers’.

      Disclaimer: We do not encourage spying on other people’s personal data. It is a federal offence.

  • jan anjan

    guys i want to use in my cp without no anyone tell me how is it possible

    • scanovatech

      If you do not have Whatsapp on your phone, you cannot use it on a computer.

  • polly ee

    I used the qr code..but she is just logout from all the computers so i m not able to read her chats plz tell me help me

  • Jayesh Jay

    if i have log out of all accounts from computer by using whatsapp app will my frnd have my contacts and chat history and fotos which i received or they will get erased????….or will it still remain on his fone??…and if i have again clicked on whtsapp web again then will it be logging me agian and will my frnd again acces it ??……and if so how can i logout completely and never get ….log in those computer account again and prevent frm such risk

    • scanovatech

      Hi Jayesh,

      If you click on ‘Log out of all computers’ using your Whatsapp app, your friend will stop seeing all messages and photos. Note that if he has downloaded the photos or taken screenshots of the chats, there is nothing you can do about it.

      If you use Whatsapp Web again, only the computer where you scan the QR Code will show your chats. Your friend will not have access to these chats again.

      For your own data security, I recommend not sharing your unlocked phone to friends and family members. If you have to, please check status in Whatsapp Web section and click ‘Log out of all computers’.

      Hope this was helpful.

  • Amanda

    Is there a different way to way to get the bar code because I want to hack a iPhone not a computer

  • NC

    If I’m on Whatsapp on my computer can you still see that I’m online on my iPhone?

    • scanovatech

      Yes. If you are active on Whatsapp Web, your friends will see your status as ‘online’ even if you are not using your phone.

      • Hwindi

        Hello Scanovatech Why is it so!

        • scanovatech

          Because you are active on Whatsapp Web. Whatsapp Web is nothing but another window to the Whatsapp app on your phone.

          • Hwindi

            Thank you for your reply.

  • Takudzwa Mavi

    Cant you access the web application using another mobile that is not
    necessarily a computer?

    • scanovatech

      Hi Takudzwa,

      It is possible. Let’s say you have Whatsapp on Mobile A. You want to open Whatsapp Web on Mobile B. Here is what you need to do:

      1. Open a mobile browser on Mob B.
      2. Go to http://web.whatsapp.com on Mob B.
      3. The browser will automatically redirect you to http://whatsapp.com as it detects your device as a mobile device and doesn’t show you the QR Code (like a PC does)
      4. Go to more options (3 dots icon) and click on the option ‘Open Desktop Site’
      5. This time it will show you the desktop version with a QR Code
      6. Open Whatsapp on Mob A and scan the QR Code on Mob B
      7. You will now see the Whatsapp chats of Mob A on Mob B

      Hope this was helpful. Note: Please not use this method to view private data of others. It is a federal offence to do so.

  • gerard talla

    Hi guy !
    I want to know where is located the pictures and video that I receive through whatsapp in my computer?
    Because on my phone is located in Gallery and I know that when you receive the picture , it ist permanently saved, but where?
    Can some attack my whatsapp account by using in PC?
    All things I’m sharing are also privat?


    • scanovatech

      Hi Gerard,

      Unlike your phone, Whatsapp Web does not automatically download the photos/videos in your PC. But you can access it the media via Whatsapp Web.

      Go to a Chat where you received the photo. Click on the person/group’s name. The person’s/group’s contact info will open and you will get a ‘Media’ option. Open this and you will be able to see all media received in this chat. You can then download the photos/videos you need.

      Hope this helps.

  • Veer Vp

    I installed whatscan on my smartphone n it was working very well but without knowingly i had logged out it but can i get back that conversations if yes how ??

    Please somebody reply

  • Phanitha D

    How can we share the phone location from whatsapp web?

  • roopani sapthagiri

    How can we save the images

  • Sakshi Gupta

    IF Whtsapp uninstall then again install of Mobile A can’t see msgs of Mobile B wheather see ?? Please help me

  • Enrique Gabriel

    The web version is for sure the most secure and reliable way to use it on iPad, It is actually pain less to use. The most of the apps on the App Store are not reliable at all because of the excessive ads showing, but there is one that I would recommend, it covers almost all features from WhatsApp Web and it is quit fast on iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1157181090?pt=117865237&ct=WhatsAppiPadFree&mt=8

  • javier

    I scan the QR code but for some reason I don’t see the chat from the other phone any more, and they haven’t log out, can I recover it without having to scan it again? Thank you so much.

  • Naveed Shaikh

    this is bullshit scanner is not working

  • Aanand vishwkarma

    Sir i have scan my friend whattup..but sir when hi unintrall whatsup there..how can i connected with..automatically i concted them..pls sir teell me..how can solution..i have not meet very long time his but i have conncted with my friend whttup..

    • Mr Hacker

      contact me, email on my profile.

  • Mr Hacker

    hello, im a computer analyst, contact me to get your jobs done. email on my profile

  • amandeep kaur

    If i change whatsapp from present phone to other, then also its work or not on my other phone?

  • ubed ulla

    Hey scanovatech how you doing?
    I want to know the information about QR code i got QR code frome whatscan but its changing within few seconds is ther any solution for still QR code will i get why because im in abroad i want to see my wife whatsapp so how can i get ride frome this if i take snapshot of QR code i will send to my wife and than she scan than it will come or not this thing i wanted to know so plz help me out im waiting for your response

    thank you

  • Heena Sharma

    Hello Maine nhi kiya the use whatscan app chat read krne ke liye mere bf ke pas iphone 6 hai thodi der read hoti hai chat jb tk main open rkhu app jb bahr ao dubara open kro app ko unki chat nhi hoti again qr code show hota hai

  • Hatem

    Wifi cannot see the we code on my browser? I use chrome and new Lenova tab4.

  • Hatem

    Thanks I red your answer to Takudzwa below and there was the answer I needed

  • P Sanjay P Sanjay


  • Anil Menon

    Please add my mail. I am Anil Menon from kerala. mail: anilxxx2001@gmail.com.
    I want to ask something in private mail me.
    Add next
    My WhatsApp number please add
    Anil Menon
    topics to how to use QR code in whatsapp and make use of it to hack.

  • abhilasha Mathur

    If I forgot to logout in another device & m move on…so what I can do….???

    • scanovatech

      Hi Abhilasha,

      If you used Whatsapp Web on a computer by scanning a QR Code and you forgot to log out, here is what you can do—Open Whatsapp on your smartphone device and go to Settings > Whatsapp Web. Here you will see an option to ‘Log out of all computers’. Click on this and you’ll be logged out of all computers where you signed into Whatsapp Web.

      Hope this helps.

  • Pankaj Kshirsagar

    My whatsapp scanner is not able to scan the QR code even when my Whatsapp and Google chrome are updated! Any leads?

    • scanovatech

      Hi Pankaj,

      Firstly, Google Chrome is not required in this process. Here are the possible reasons why you are not able to scan the QR Code on https://web.whatsapp.com with the scanner on the Whatsapp app on your phone:

      1. The scanning distance is not correct. Make sure that the QR Code falls within the guidelines shown in the scanner
      2. Make sure that your camera is not faulty. If it is, it will not be able to identify each and every module of the QR Code
      3. Make sure that your computer display is not faulty and it clearly displays the QR Code without any interference

      Hope this helps.

  • Nasim ali


  • Nasim ali


  • Arvind kumar


    • scanovatech

      Hi Arvind. Do you have a question related to Whatsapp Web QR Code? Let us know.