If you only need a few QR Codes for your promotional campaigns, you can create them one-by-one using an online QR Code Management tool such as Scanova. But how to generate QR Codes in large numbers—hundreds, thousands, or even millions? What you need is a Bulk QR Code Generator.

The good news is that it’s possible in an affordable way. Depending on your application, you can generate QR Codes in bulk in three ways:

1. Bulk QR Code Generator

QR Code Management tools such as Scanova provide the service of bulk generation of QR Codes.

How bulk QR Code generator service works:

In short, you share the requirement and data, and the service provider will generate the QR Codes for you. You get a Zip folder containing the QR Code images within 24-48 hours.

A. Share Requirements

Here is what you will need to share:

a. Data: You can specify the data in a spreadsheet with columns such as—QR Code Image Filename, QR Code Content (URL, Text, Contact Details, etc).

b. Design: You can specify the design parameters of the QR Code—eye color, data color, logo image, eye pattern, data pattern, background color, etc. Each QR Code will be generate with this design. Typically, service providers accept designs that are possible using their own QR Code designing tools.

bulk qr code generator

c. Custom Specifications: In addition to data and design, you also need to provide details such as QR Code size, error correction value, and image format (PNG, JPG, EPS, SVG, PS, PDF).

B. Make Payment

Here is Scanova’s pricing for batch generation services:

a. Small Batch: Upto 5,000 Static QR Codes, One-time fee: USD 100

b. Medium Batch: 5,000-20,000 Static QR Codes, One-time fee: USD 200

c. Large Batch: 20,000-100,000 Static QR Codes, One-time fee: USD 400

C. Get QR Code Batch

The service provider will share the QR Code images in a Zip folder within 24-48 hours.

If you need batch generation services, you can reach out to Scanova’s team at [email protected] OR using this Contact Us Form.

2. QR Code Generation API

QR Code Batch Generation is used if you need the large batch of QR Codes all at one-time—say for creating labels. But what if you need to generate the QR Codes on-trigger by a user—say while generating a bill or on successful event generation. In such cases, you can integrate a QR Code generation API with your own information system.

For example, a QR Code on a rail ticket is generated only when the ticket is generated. This how the system works:

a. The ticketing information system is integrated with a QR Code Generation API

b. Whenever someone purchases a ticket, the ticketing system sends a GET request to the API to generate a QR Code. With this request, the system sends the API relevant information (QR Code content, specifications, design, etc.)

c. The API responds by returning an image of the QR Code to the ticketing system

d. This QR Code is copied on the designated space on the ticket print-out

A QR Code Generation API model usually works on limits i.e. limited by the number of requests per month and number of requests per second.

For more information on QR Code Generation API and Documentation, see: Scanova’s QR Code Generation API.

3. QR Code SDK Installed Locally

A QR Code Generation API is a great way to generate QR Codes in your own information system. However, this method has limitations in case your requirements are very high—greater than 100,000 and you require the QR Code to be generated instantly.

Using a third-party API can create a dependency especially if your app is used by many users (greater than 100,000).

In such cases, you should opt for a QR Code SDK instead. This package works exactly like the API but can be installed locally in your own information system. This removes all dependency on third-party service providers.

For more information on QR Code SDK, reach out to Scanova team via this RFQ Form or at [email protected]

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