In our digital age, QR codes are all over the place and act as a bridge between virtual and real worlds. 

Traditional QR codes have a square shape, but Scanova QR Code Generator allows you to build custom codes in any shape, add a touch of creativity, and give your marketing materials a little extra originality and ingenuity. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the benefits and implementation of creating QR codes in different shapes using Scanova’s QR Code Generator.

A. Beyond the Square: Why Consider Shaped QR Codes

  1. Enhanced Aesthetics

 Break away from the monotony and create QR codes that complement your design theme. Imagine a heart-shaped QR code for a Valentine’s Day campaign or a star-shaped code for a festive promotion.

  1. Brand Alignment

 Design your QR codes in shapes that reflect your brand logo or mascot, subtly reinforcing brand recognition.

  1. Distinctive Design

 Unique shapes allow businesses to differentiate their QR codes from competitors. This helps in creating a memorable impression on the audience and reinforces the brand’s identity as innovative and creative.

  1. Versatile Application

 QR codes in different shapes can be used across a wide range of marketing channels and materials.

From digital platforms to print media, custom-shaped QR codes offer versatility in application, allowing businesses to leverage them in various campaigns and initiatives.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

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B. Benefits of Creating QR Codes in Different Shapes

1. Enhanced Branding

By creating QR codes in different shapes, businesses can incorporate their branding elements into the design, reinforcing brand recognition and identity.

2. Increased Engagement 

Unique QR code shapes are more visually appealing and can pique the curiosity of the audience, leading to increased engagement and interaction.

QR Code in different shapes

3. Improved Aesthetics

Traditional square QR codes may sometimes appear mundane or out of place in certain design contexts. Creating QR codes in different shapes allows businesses to seamlessly integrate them into their design layouts, enhancing overall aesthetics.

4. Better Integration

Different-shaped QR codes can be seamlessly integrated into various marketing materials, such as posters, flyers, business cards, and product packaging, without compromising design integrity.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

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C. Step By Step Guide On How To Create a QR Code On Different Shapes 

  1. Login to Scanova and determine the type of data you want to encode in the QR code, such as a URL, text, or vCard.
  1. Now, choose the desired QR Code Design from the multiple categories and incorporate the branding elements or logos.
  2. Navigate to the “Design” section.

    Note: This feature is available in Scanova’s premium plans.
  1. You’ll see a selection of pre-designed shaped QR code templates. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
  1. Once satisfied with your design, click “Generate QR Code.” Scanova will process your request and display the shaped QR code.
  1. Download it in a high-resolution image format like PNG or SVG for optimal printing or digital use.
  1. Before finalizing your design, thoroughly test the shaped QR code’s scannability using a smartphone QR code reader app. Ensure it scans accurately even under moderate lighting conditions.
  1. After customizing the QR code, click on the “Generate QR Code” button to create your unique QR code in the selected shape.
  1. Download and Use: Once generated, download the QR code image and use it in your marketing materials, digital assets, or print collateral as needed.


Creating QR codes in different shapes using Scanova QR Code Generator offers businesses a unique opportunity to enhance their branding, increase engagement, and improve aesthetics. 

Following the simple implementation steps outlined in this article, businesses can unleash their creativity and stand out from the crowd with eye-catching QR codes. 

Embrace the versatility of Scanova QR Code Generator and explore the endless possibilities of creating QR codes in different shapes to elevate your marketing efforts.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

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