QR Codes are being used for a variety of use cases. From promotional material to fashion accessories, QR Codes are everywhere.

Pinterest launched the Lens Object Recognition feature in early 2017. The feature allows users to get inspiration and ideas on home decor, food, and fashion from nearby objects. Soon, the app added an inbuilt QR Code scanner to this feature.

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Colour QR Codes:

Now, Cath Kidston, a UK based lifestyle brand has collaborated with Pinterest’s Lens feature to promote its Colour by Cath Kidston collection.

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As part of the collaboration, the brand has launched Colour QR Codes. Each bag from Cath Kidston’s latest collection will bear a Colour QR Code on the swing tag.

Colour QR Code

When scanned using the Pinterest Lens feature, the QR Code will direct scanners to a Pinterest board. This board will show users a list of ideas on how to style the bag.

This is just like using a Product QR Code which, when scanned, redirects users to see detailed content.

The colour QR Code swing tags have been added to all 68 Cath Kidston stores across the UK.

This is the first time that a lifestyle brand in UK has integrated Pinterest with QR Codes.

“Being the first UK retailer to use Pinterest Lens with QR Codes in-store is really exciting for us. By enriching the customer shopping experience, ‘Colour’ QR Codes will really help us to have a dialogue with our customers during the decision making process both at retail and online.” Sue Chidler, Marketing Director, Cath Kidston

In addition, customers can also scan the Colour QR Codes placed on cards across the store.

Sue Chidler adds,

“This latest collaboration is another example of the company’s strategic drive to enrich the customer experience in all our UK stores. I’m very excited to see how this collaboration plays out for the launch of the “Colour by Cath Kidston” collection and beyond.”

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