You’re probably an Indian citizen and you travel using your motorbike, scooter or car. You’ve seen the traffic police checking the driving licence for road safety purposes. Say a traffic cop stops you and asks for your driving licence. And you find out that you forgot to carry it along. Having the electronic copy of the licence in your smartphone will save you in such a situation. The Road Transport Ministry of India has announced the use of DigiLocker to help curb these issues.

digilocker electronic licence

DigiLocker is is a digital locker service by the Government of India. It allows the Indian citizens store documents such as Driving Licence on cloud.

“The records available on DigiLocker or mParvahan are deemed to be legally recognised on a par with originals as per provisions of the IT Act, 2000—The Road Ministry of India

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How will DigiLocker work

The Road Transport Ministry has asked states not to insist on original documents such as Driving Licence and Registration Certificate. They will be valid in electronic format too. DigiLocker or mParivahan will need to authenticate these documents once.

Note that you’ll need to have DigiLocker or mParivahan app on your smartphone for this system to work.

  • Once you install the app, authenticate it with your Aadhar number
  • Enter the Driving Licence or Registration number of your vehicle
  • Download the document in app itself

That’s it. Once you have your documents in your smartphone, you’ll need not carry the original ones.

Traffic police will be able to record the violations by logging into the Central Database.

  • They’ll read the QR Code on the electronic documents
  • It will give them details of the document
  • Next they’ll record the violations in the Central Database

The QR Code on electronic documents will not require them carry away the originals.

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This step will not only allow you carry the electronic documents. But will also help reduce the number of ‘lost’ cases for such original documents. This is one way how Police across the world are making attempts to help citizens.


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