Popularity of QR Codes in China is common knowledge. The country is literally painted with QR Codes. From schools to retailers, everyone is using QR Codes in China. One start-up that’s taken the success of QR Codes in China as an inspiration is the GaGa Rewards App.

GaGa Rewards Team

GaGa Rewards

The company has partnered with retailers to print QR Codes on receipts. On scanning the QR Code, customers can earn reward points. This saves the merchant the hassle of giving out membership cards.

The team told an online news portal,

“Each participating merchant will have unique generated QR code printed on each of their receipt. The QR code underneath the receipt footer message is easy to spot and act as a reminder to remind customer for scanning.”

Each QR Code on the receipt will also come with a set of instructions to help customers scan the QR Code. The QR Code can be scanned using any scanning app.

GaGa Rewards QR Code

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Users can redeem the points for rewards at the store that they’ve made a purchase.

Each merchant gives the start-up a cut for registration. Currently, GaGa Rewards has tied up with 700 merchants across Malaysia.

The team adds,

“We believe that deals sites in Malaysia are less attractive nowadays and did not turn out to be as promising as before. Consumers were attracted by merchants’ limited-offer deals which mean one-off purchases and they did not convert into loyal and repeat customers.”

The GaGa rewards team aims at educating merchants on the benefits of loyalty points and how it helps them earn profit over time.

The company’s development team operates from Shenzhen, China, and the marketing team works in Malaysia.

The Gaga Rewards app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

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