You know that India is going to celebrate its 75th Independence Day soon. And this day holds importance for every citizen in the country.

Every year, India celebrates it with happiness, pride, and enthusiasm. But this time, it’s different because of the pandemic. And has made it necessary to follow certain measures to ensure everyone’s safety. These include maintaining social distancing, wearing facemasks, and avoiding large congregations.

However, the Government of India has decided to not leave any stone unturned to ensure maximal safety for the event. To do it, they’re using technologies such as virtual reality and QR Codes.

These technologies will ensure a unique and engaging experience for all the viewers.

Keep reading to know more about 2021’s Independence Day celebration in India.

A. Tech-savvy celebration

For 2021’s Independence Day celebration, the government has rolled out a new website—INDIAN IDC 2021. This website serves as a platform to connect all Indians across the globe. This will also help engage people of all ages, especially the youth.

Indian Independence Day Celebration

Image Credits: Indian Independence Day Celebrations 2021

To do this, it is integrating virtual reality (VR) and QR Code technology into the celebrations.

VR is a technology that creates a virtual 3D environment. People can interact within these environments. Hence, it will be leveraged to show the Independence Day celebrations from the Red Fort, New Delhi, in a 360-degree format. And the best part is that the audience will be able to enjoy it without even having a VR gadget.

This website also provides various other features such as:

  • A special IDC radio
  • Gallery
  • E-books on deeds of gallantry
  • 50 years of 1971 victory
  • Blogs on the wars and war memorials

But the list of information doesn’t just end here. People will also be able to view every single detail related to the Independence Day event. These include minute-to-minute program details, route maps, parking details, and an option to RSVP.

For the RSVP option, this platform will utilize a unique web-based RSVP system. This system generates a QR code for each invitation card. Recipients can scan their QR Codes via their smartphones. As they scan it, it will take them to the relevant web portal through the web link. This link will be automatically generated. Here, they can also submit their willingness to attend the function.

That’s it. That is all you need to know about this year’s Indian Independence Day celebrations.

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