You probably have heard about Metaverse. It is a network of 3-D virtual worlds where people can do anything. From doing business to forging social connections, anything is possible via virtual “avatars.”

In short, Metaverse is like an Augmented Reality. And it has a lot of exciting experiences to offer.

Metaverse has been the talk of the town for quite some time now, especially among marketers. And if you’re wondering why here’s the reason—it’s helping marketers revamp their campaigns. For example, making your ads interactive or turning your campaigns into fun games that consumers love.

Hence, businesses are starting to leverage Metaverse for their businesses.

Collaborating with a metaverse development company can help businesses create immersive and interactive experiences for their customers in the virtual world. 

And to make it work, you need a Metaverse app. People will have to download the app to experience the metaverse.

But the problem is—downloading the app needs people to pull out their phones and go to the App Store or Play Store. They then have to find your app, install it, and finally use it to enjoy the virtual world.

This is a long process and while some users may follow it, others probably won’t. But if you simplify the process, you’d see many of them installing your mobile app or visiting your website to see the encoded content.

And a Quick Response Code (QR Code) can help you do just that.

QR Codes are 2D barcodes that can store alphanumeric information and are easily scannable with a smartphone.

Keep reading to know how QR Codes can help you make the Metaverse experience even better for the end-users.

A. How does a QR Code for Metaverse work?

As mentioned above, the main purpose of a QR Code is to make it easier for users to take action. For example, downloading the app. Here’s how it works:

  • You create a QR Code that helps your audience easily download the Metaverse development app
  • You share this QR Code with your audience
  • They scan the QR Code that redirects them to the app in the relevant app store based on the phone’s operating system
  • They download the app to get started

B. Popular use cases of QR Codes for Metaverse

1. Marketing

Gone are the days when textual campaigns or promotions were enough. The audience today needs visually-appealing and engaging content to grab their attention.

And a QR Code for Metaverse can help you do it. Just create the QR Code and put it on your marketing creatives using social media tools. When scanned, it can bring up a 3D model of the promotions, helping the onlookers get an interactive and unique experience.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

Do you know Puma’s Manhattan store has done it already? They used QR Codes that featured a 3D model of Puma’s mascot on being scanned. It provided customers with directions to the basketball section and allowed them to take selfies with it. They also used it on shoe tags and engaged in a unique AR experience

2. Education

Similarly, Metaverse can make education fun and exciting. With better visuals, it can be helpful in explaining the concepts or diagrams better. 

For example, the anatomy of human beings in biology. You can put up a QR Code beside the text or diagram to help students see a 3D interactive of the same.

3. Geo-Content

Metaverse with QR Codes can help you deliver content to a specific location or industry such as real estate. 

Metaverse can help take the buying experience for the real estate industry to a whole new level. How? It will help do away with the need for long-distance prospects to visit the site. Metaverse would help them see the property’s virtual projection smoothly. And QR Codes will help people access this virtual projection in no time.

4. Tourism

Tourists are often unfamiliar with the new cities. And to ease their problems, City admins can use the Metaverse technology powered by QR Codes. Just place them at tourist spots, bus stops, and metro stations.

Travelers will scan them to see a virtual model with all the routes, tourist spots, and directions. It will help them easily navigate through the city.

5. Product packaging

You know people like to try out products before buying. And Metaverse can help them do it. Just create a QR Code that will redirect them to the Metaverse universe. Here, they can try out different products. To understand how it works in detail, you can go through this quick video:

For example, watchmakers can use a QR Code to offer a metaverse experience where customers can scan and try on a watch, right where they saw an ad.

6. Virtual stores

Metaverse can revamp the buying experience for online buyers since they don’t get to visit the stores. And QR Codes can help them do it too! 

C. How to create a QR Code for Metaverse

Now you know why it makes sense to use QR Codes for Metaverse. Next question is—how to create one?

1. Find a QR Code generator

You’d need a QR Code generator that allows you to create a QR Code for the Metaverse app. You can head on to any search engine and type the query. It would fetch you many options to choose from.

But going through all the search results to find the best one is a tedious process. For your convenience, here is a detailed comparison of the best QR Code generator available online. This will help you make a sound decision quickly.

2. Create a QR Code

Using Scanova for demo purposes, here’s how you can create a QR Code:

a. Go to Scanova

b. Select the App Store QR Code category

QR Code categories

c. Enter the respective URLs of the app for different operating systems in the required fields

d. Once done, click Continue 

e. Now, name the QR Code and click Create QR Code. On the page that loads, you’ll see the preview of the QR Code on the right side. Below it, you’ll see the Edit Design option

f. If you click on the Edit Design option, you’ll see two design options to choose from—Custom Logo Design and Custom Background Design

Choose the design

Custom logo design: It allows you to add a logo in the center and colors to the QR Code. The logo can be an image or text.

Custom background design: It helps you place your QR Code on an image.

g. Once you’ve decided on the design, Update it and click Download. A window will open prompting you to sign-up for a 14-day free trial. Once you’ve signed up, proceed to download the QR Code

Note that no credit card information is required to sign-up.

8. Now you’ll be asked to specify the QR Code image’s size and dimensions. Once you submit the details, click Export

Image size and format

That’s it. Your QR Code will be downloaded and ready for use. It is always advisable to test scan the QR Code before putting it out for your customers.

That is all you need to know about QR Codes for Metaverse. You can now go-ahead to create your own QR Code to bring the life-like Metaverse experiences to your audience.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

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