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How to create a landing page with rich text for your QR Code

It is common knowledge that a QR Code can store a lot more information than a barcode. That is why different types of QR Codes are now used for various uses such as storing contact information, product info, or text messages. Despite its advantages, a QR Code has its limitations.

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Now what do you do if you want to show more information, such as:

  • Detailed product information
  • Technical Specifications
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Safety Instructions
  • User Manual

To show such information, you need a mobile-optimized landing page with rich text capabilities. And guess what? You can easily create one without the need of a developer.

mobile landing page rich text

How to Create a Mobile-Optimized Landing Page?

Follow these simple steps to create your rich-text mobile page:

1. Go to Scanova QR Code Generator
2. Enter the required content – title, sub-title, body, etc. and format it using the formatting options available

mobile landing page rich text

3. Once you have added the content, click on Create QR Code

4. The QR Code for this page has been generated and you have three design options to choose from – standard, fancy with custom logo, and fancy with custom background. You can customize the design or directly proceed to download.

mobile landing page rich text

5. Click on Download once you have finalized the design. Note that you will have to sign-up for a 14-day free trial to save your page and download the QR Code.

6. To edit the QR Code, you can find it in the Campaign Manager in your account.

7. This is how the page will look when the QR Code is scanned.

mobile landing page rich text

Start creating your mobile landing pages to engage your potential customers with useful information.

Create a Mobile Landing Page with Rich Text

Create a mobile-optimized landing page with rich text in a few simple steps. No developer required. 14-day Free Trial.
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