Ever since the pandemic, the movement of passengers for local travel has become a hassle. From essential service providers to working professionals, people not only have to maintain social distancing but also comply with the rules.

To make things better for the citizens, city admins are taking various measures. Some of these include arrangements such as e-passes, contactless travel passes, and vaccine passports. They all help ensure safety for the citizens.

And amongst these, one thing is gaining momentum—contactless travel passes. These passes help ensure passenger safety and social distancing norms too.

But earlier, they also came with their own share of problems. That is, one had to get a separate pass for each mode of transportation—railway, metro, and buses.

But now, the Maharashtra Government in India is making a difference. It is addressing this issue in a unique way. They are adopting QR Code-based universal travel passes for the local trains of Mumbai. These include Mumbai local trains, metro, and monorail.

Now you may be wondering what this QR Code is? Well, it is a square shaped 2D barcode that can store a lot of information and can be easily scanned with a smartphone.

QR Code-based pass would allow passengers to easily travel across Mumbai without having multiple passes. Sounds convenient, right?

Keep reading to know more.

A. What is QR Code-based universal pass

QR Code-based travel pass is the next-gen universal pass introduced in Mumbai. It is done by the Disaster Management team of Maharashtra. This pass helps to authenticate the travel during the lockdown hours or restricted time post-lock-down.

There are various businesses that can benefit from this pass. And depending upon the nature of the business, passes are being categorized and registered.

Once registered, the system generates QR Code-based travel passes for the staff. Note that the staff can travel during restricted time based on the guidelines.

Only authorized personnel of trains and buses can authenticate these passes.

Note that to avail of the passes, a business has to first register itself. This is a one-time activity. Here, every establishment provides a single point of contact called coordinator. This coordinator will administer the establishment’s information.

B. How to register for QR Code-based universal pass

Here’s how you can get the pass for yourself:

1. Go to the website of the Disaster Management and Relief Fund Rehabilitation department of Maharashtra

2. On the page that loads, click on the Universal Travel Pass

3. Now, click on Register Your Establishment

4.  Here, enter details such as the address, registration number, co-ordinator contact number, and the number of staff who need the pass

5. The concerned authorities will now manually review the application

6. On approval, the coordinator will be able to log in. To make it even quicker, one can have multiple coordinators for an establishment. These coordinators can upload the individual details of the staff using CSV template provided on the website

This information includes name, ID, mobile number, gender, age, department, and the designation

7. After submitting the information, each staff member will get an SMS

8. Now, the staff member needs to go to the website mentioned in the SMS and click on the Download Travel Pass

9. Here, the recipients can enter their mobile number to get OTP to log in

10. Once the recipient has logged in, one is required to upload the photograph

Note that one can only upload this photo one-time only.

That’s it. Now you can download your universal travel pass and travel across Mumbai without any hassle. You can even save or print an image of the pass for future reference.

In case you have a similar use case and would like to create passes for guests or visitors, Ticket Generator can help you do it. Here’s how.


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