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QR Codes to Ensure Passenger Safety In Mysore

QR Codes are gaining popularity with the Police across different states in India.

  • Karnataka Police uses QR Codes to improve their patrolling process
  • Andhra Pradesh Police uses QR Codes to help identify abandoned vehicles

Similarly, City administrations across the world are using QR Codes for various use cases.

Now, Mysore Police from Karnataka state is also in the list of tech savvy law enforcement units.

The Mysore Police will soon come up with a free app that can track auto rickshaws and cabs using QR Codes.

Mysore Police Adopts QR Codes

The Police plans to install QR Codes in cabs and auto rickshaws. Passengers can scan these QR Codes via the free app on their smartphone to view driver’s details. The vehicle will also embed a GPS tracker. This allows the Mysore Traffic Control to track the vehicle in real-time.

“If the driver refuses to go on hire, there is an option for the commuter to press the ‘Refuse’ button. When the driver agrees, the commuter has to press the ‘Start’ button, which then starts using the GPS of the smartphone to track the entire journey.” –  Subramanyeshwara Rao, Police Commissioner, Mysore   

Besides this, passengers will also be able to register complaints using the app.

The app is still work-in-progress. It is likely to roll out within few months. Currently, the Police is creating a database for all public transportation vehicles. These vehicles will then be fitted with unique QR Codes.

This is one way how India is using QR Codes for various use cases. That’s all you need to know about how Mysore Police adopts QR Codes.

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