Nestle and Carrefour—the food giants—have been in the food sector for quite many years.

In Apr 2019, the two food giants announced that they’re working on a pilot project. It will apply blockchain technology to the mashed potatoes.

This move is aimed at promoting product transparency.

The collaboration will help retailers and customers access product information readily.

Vineet Khanna, Global Head—Supply Chain, Nestle, said:

“This pilot is the result of a successful partnership with Carrefour and a great step forward on our blockchain journey. We are using this technology to bring more transparency to our products by providing accurate information. They will benefit the whole value chain, including retailers and consumers.”

How will Nestle and Carrefour help track mashed potato?

Both Nestle and Carrefour have joined IBM Food Trust Platform.

There will be a QR Code on each product. We call this QR Code—a Product QR Code. When scanned, a product QR Code gives detailed product information to the end users.

Here’s how shoppers will be able to track product information using the QR Code:

1. Open the camera or a QR Code scanning application on their smartphones

2. Point the camera towards the QR Code and hold it for 2-3 seconds

That’s it. A pop-up will appear to show the product information to the end users.

This information will include details on the production supply chain, including the variety of potatoes. In addition, it will also have details on quality control, places, and dates of product storage prior to reaching the store.

That’s all you need to know about Nestle, Carrefour, and IBM partnering to help people track mashed potato. It is a three way partnership for greater food transparency and better customer experience.


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