Say you are checking out shoes on Nike’s smartphone app. A pair of shoes catches your eye. A few days later, you go to a nearby Nike Store and find the exact same pair. That’s convenient but what is impressive is that the availability became possible because of your smartphone activity.

nike by melrose crowdsourcing data qr code

To make it easy for shoppers to find what they need, Nike is developing a plan that will use data generated by its app users.

This practice is called crowdsourcing—that is obtaining data by enlisting services of a large number of people. Using this data, Nike will decide which merchandise it stocks in the store.

Nike wishes to do with footwear what Wikipedia has done with encyclopedias and YouTube has done with trending videos.

Why will Nike use a data-driven approach

Nike wants to bridge the gap between online and brick-and-mortar shopping.

Many well-established chains such as Golfsmith and Sports Authority have taken a hit with consumers shifting to online shopping. But Nike sees the need for stores.

“We don’t see physical retail disappearing. The physical shopping experience connected to digital is really important.”—  Heidi O”Neill, President, NikeDirect

How will crowdsourcing work

In Nike by Melrose Boutique (Los Angeles), at-least 25% of store’s shoe merchandise will rotate every two weeks. This will depend upon interest of users as per Nike’s crowdsourced data.

NikePlus app will collect data from users within five zip codes from Nike Store.

“We have to treat the local consumer in a different way and we came up with this idea ‘Speed Shop’ to serve the locals fast. We are going to use data to determine what product they did want and care about the most.”— Cathy Sparks, Vice President, Global Nike Stores

Customers who order via app will go to the store and:

  • Unlock a compartment with their smartphone
  • This compartment will have the goods ordered

Also, there will be QR Code at a display.

On scanning this QR Code, customers will be able to find if the size and color of products they want are in stock.

Customers will be able to scan QR Code on any merchandise they want to try. The apparel will be delivered to a fitting room.

Crowdsourcing will not only favor consumer interests, but will also save their time.

This is one way how retailer can use QR Codes to enhance customers’ shopping experience. See how other retailers are engaging customers.

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