You know that one needs to visit Police station for cases such as self verification and job verification. However, one might no longer need to physically visit Police station for the same in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu (India).

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The district Police are ready to launch Online Police Verification service in Ramanathapuram. It will help individuals, companies, as well as institutions get the following types of Police verification reports (PVRs) online:

1. Self verification

2. Job verification

3. Tenant verification

4. Domestic help verification

The Superintendent of Police—Omprakash Meena—claimed to launch it on 15th Dec, 2018.

How will Online Police Verification service work

Here’s how the system will work:

1. Applicants visit Tamil Nadu Police website—

2. She sends the consent letter of the person to be verified (some other documents will also be needed)

3. Applicant will have to make an online payment. One can use credit card, debit card, and also net banking to do this. Individuals can avail the service to get PVR online by paying 500 INR per application. However, companies and institutions will have to pay 1000 INR for the same.

4. Once application is submitted, the moderator will scrutinise it and forward it to the concerned Police station

5. The intelligence service staff will then do field verification

6. Next, Police will verify applicant’s criminal antecedents with their records

“An All India search for verifying criminal antecedents would also be done through digital Police option on CCTNS officers’ portal.”—Omprakash Meena, Superintendent of Police.

7. 15 days after the submission of application and making payment, PVR will be ready for download. Alternatively, applicants can also get a copy of the PVR via email.

One question here is—how will applicant know whether the PVR is genuine?

The answer is—with a QR Code. Yes you read that right.

How to verify Police Verification Report

We earlier saw how QR Code can be used for security. This is yet another example of the same.

Police will use QR Codes on the PVR to help applicants verify its genuineness.

They will simply have to scan the QR Code with a QR Code scanning application. Or they can also choose option ‘Verify’ on the website.

That’s all you need to know about Online Police Verification service in Ramanathapuram.

What are your views on this move? Share them in the comments below.

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