Have you watched the 2003 documentary, Living with Michael Jackson? In the documentary, Michael Jackson walks into an antique store in Las Vegas and points at items he likes. The rest is taken care of by his assistants. Taking inspiration from MJ’s shopping spree in the documentary, Abasa Phillips founded the Primo app.

Primo App

The Primo app aims at allowing users in Japan a similar experience. The app allows users to buy an item by scanning a QR Code. No waiting at the checkout counter, no hassle with cash or cards.

Primo App

“The shopping experiences on mobile is still quite clunky, and the reason is because it’s completely separate from payment. We bring it closer to one tap and you’re done.” – Abasa Phillip, Founder, Primo app

Primo App

Launched in October 2016, the app already has over 90 merchants using it. The list includes-a chocolate maker, a tea brand, and an audio-equipment maker.

This isn’t the first time that QR Codes have made shopping easier. Many retailers are already using QR Codes to engage customers.

In late 2016, Amazon launched its first walk-in-walk-out convenience store, Amazon Go. To enter the store, the shopper needs to scan a QR Code using the Amazon app. Once in, they can pick the items they need off the shelves. The items get added to their virtual Amazon cart. On exiting the store, the billed amount gets deducted from the buyer’s Amazon wallet.

Previously in 2011, Tesco (Home Plus) introduced virtual stores in South Korean subways. Using the Tesco app, people could shop for groceries by scanning the QR Code placed below each item. This added the items to the shopper’s virtual cart. After making the payment, the items get delivered to the shopper’s door step.

Our Opinion on the Primo App

The technology used in Primo app is not as advanced as Amazon Go. Technology wise, the app lies somewhere between Amazon Go and Tesco’s virtual stores. In a country like Japan where QR Codes are popular, the Primo app will definitely strike a chord with the masses.

“It seems very convenient, and I like their product selection,” – Darren Yeo, tourist from Singapore.

The only drawback is that users will have to download the Primo app to be able to scan the QR Codes.

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Over the years, the biggest problem for shoppers is waiting at checkout counters. In spite of many retailers having optimized their registers, the problem persists. The Primo app, Amazon Go, and Tesco aim at making the experience of store shopping more convenient.

What do you think about the Primo app? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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