By January 2019, the Swiss payment system is set to digitize with the introduction of QR Bill. Like the name suggests, the new Swiss payment slips will now feature a QR Code. Currently, the country uses red and orange payment slips.

QR Bill

QR Bill:

The QR Bill is touted to become an integral part of Swizz payment process and invoicing. The process of digitizing Swizz payments is currently underway.

Financial institutions are expected to complete conversion by the end of 2017. By mid 2018, corporate customers will make the necessary changes. Merchants and other billers will be able to send out QR-Bills from January 2019.

In April 2017, PaymentStandards.CH, Switzerland’s financial center initiative, published a 40 page document listing the features of the QR Bill. Some of the features listed include:

  • Addition of Swiss cross on the slip for easy recognition
  • Company identification
  • Bill number
  • Automatic reconciliation with accounting records

The QR Code on the QR Bill will link to the information required for payments. Merchants can print these black-and-white QR Codes using a regular printer.

Also, the introduction of QR Codes on payments slips is likely to curb money laundering. The new system is in compliance with the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance.


The QR Bill feature will only run on the globally recognized ISO 20022 standard. To make the transition smoother, merchants will be able to use the current payment slips along side QR-Bills. Merchants can make the switch at any time they deem suitable.

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Using QR-Bills, people may also be able to make cashless payments using TWINT, a Swiss e-wallet or via e-banking.

With the introduction of QR Codes in the payments sector, Switzerland will soon join the ranks of countries like China, India, and United States that promote digital payments.

This is one way how Switzerland is using QR Codes for various use cases.

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