You travel in Delhi Metro. To buy a token or to recharge your metro smart card, you have to wait in the queue. To help make travel hassle-free for passengers, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is planning QR Code based payment at IGI Metro.

Passengers will be able to pay for their ride through a QR Code on their smartphones. To do this, they’ll need to have Bharat Qr Code installed on their smartphone.

The Union Government of India launched Bharat QR Code to promote cashless transactions across India.

QR Code based payment at IGI Metro will help replace smart cards with smartphones at the Airport express line.

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There are chances that the system might roll out across Delhi Metro’s other lines too.

DMRC will modify Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates

There will be modification of AFC gates at all the stations that fall under Airport Express Line.

This will enable AFC gates to accept QR Code based payments besides existing tokens and smart cards.

To provide cashless services to commuters, DMRC will integrate QR Code entry through AFC gates on Airport Express line. At present, smart cards and tokens are used for travelling on this line.”— a DMRC Metro Official

Trials have already been conducted to implement the new service.

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How will QR Code based payment at IGI Metro work

Note that you’ll need to have Bharat QR Code application installed on your smartphone to make payment. In case you don’t, install the app and follow these steps:

  • Link your bank account with the app
  • Generate a QR Code

AFC gates will have scanners to read the QR Code generated on passenger’s phone.

This move will help save time as you’ll not need to stand in queues to get a token. Nor will you need to carry your plastic smart card. Hence, it will be beneficial to daily commuters. And it is one of the many ways QR Codes are making the transportation services better.


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