Gone are the days when textbooks were enough to impart impactful learning to the students. Today, teachers have to go the extra mile to enthuse students in the class.

And the best way to engage them is by making the process of learning interesting. Hence, you’d often find interactive techniques being used in the classrooms. For example, smart boards, visual representations of various concepts, etc.

You want to engage your students too! Hence, you’re looking forward to exploring the scope of using QR Codes for the same.

It’s no surprise that QR Codes are used by both teachers and authors already. In this article, we’ll see how you can use them and also, where to find a Best QR Code generator that’s free for teachers.

A. How teachers can use QR Codes

1. Share notes and files

As a teacher, you often need to share documents with the students. For example, class notes, books, assignment copies, etc. A lot of teachers and students often use the StuDocu file-sharing platform or other digital technology sources for this purpose.

And with QR Codes, you won’t have to print these documents anymore. You can simply add them to a Document QR Code. One QR Code alone can store 20 different document files.

Once you create it, you can add it to the end of a presentation, display it on a screen, or print it on paper. Students can simply scan the QR Code to access the added documents with a simple scan.

This way, students get a handy copy of the required documents while you can cut down on the costs and save paper too! Great, right?

2. Digital attendance

Digital attendance is one of the most emerging use cases of QR Codes. It helps you save a lot of time while making sure only the ones who are actually present in the class are marked present.

Teachers can create a QR Code and put it outside the classroom. As students enter the classroom, they can scan the QR Code to register their presence.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

Also, the location of each scan would be recorded. Hence, no student will be able to use the QR Code image to register their presence from any other location. And if they do it, you’ll know it in no time!

3. Conduct a quiz

Educators have countless quiz ideas to engage their audiences. It could be via trivia, multiple-choice quizzes, and surveys, to name a few. Ever since the pandemic, digital assessments and quizzes have picked up the pace. They are not only good to curb disease spread but also to maintain data.

Teachers no longer have to preserve the answer sheets with them. They can simply use the digital documents and forms to see the responses and grade them.

You can use a Website URL QR Code for this use case. In case you want to run a quiz, you can create a Custom Form QR Code. On scanning, students will see all the questions and fields to enter answers. Once done, you get to see all the responses in your QR Code generator account.

In addition, if you want the students to record the answers in a Word doc and upload them to a folder online, QR Codes have got your back. You can add the folder’s link to the QR Code and share it with students. They can upload their answer sheets once they’re done with the test.

PS: Did you know that you could also use online grade calculators to make your work easier?

4. Share performance reports

Every teacher needs to share performance reports with both students and their parents or guardians. And QR Codes can make this process easier.

You can create a Document QR Code to store all the files and share them. But one QR Code can only store 20 files. If your class size is more than that, you can upload all the files to a folder on a cloud storage service. For example, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.

Once done, you can copy the sharable link to this folder and create a Website URL QR Code.

5. Share audio and visual guides

Nothing engages students better than the audio or visual representation of what they’re studying.

And tools such as audio, videos, and images are the best way to make such concepts come to life! For instance, imagine a virtual classroom where a finance professor uses interactive video lectures to explain the intricacies of student loan refinancing. In this scenario, students can visually see charts illustrating interest rates, watch video explanations of the refinancing process, and access audio explanations of key terms and strategies.

Hence, whenever you need to explain a tough or complicated concept to explain, use multimedia aids. You can easily add these files to:

Students no longer need to rely exclusively on textual content.

B. Scanova: offering teachers free QR Code generation

Teachers are responsible for shaping the future of students. Since it’s a noble job to do, Scanova tries to reward all the teachers out there with free services.

Yes, if you are a teacher who is looking forward to using QR Codes, look no further. Scanova is one of the top QR Code generators out there. And you can avail of its services without paying a single penny.

All that you need to do is:

  • Get in touch with our Customer Service team at [email protected]
  • Tell them about your use case
  • Link to Scanova on your institution’s website
  • Get your account activated for free!

It’s that simple. In fact, many teachers across the globe are using our free services to enhance learning for their students already!

Now that you know everything about QR Code generator for teachers, the next question is:

C. How to create QR Codes

Now that you know everything about how QR Codes can be used to engage your students, now is the time to see how to create them.

Using Scanova, here is how to do it in a few easy steps:

1. Go to Scanova and on the dashboard, you will see multiple QR Code categories. Choose a suitable one depending on your use case

2. Next, you will have to add the content to be added to QR Codes. Once done, proceed ahead

3. On the page that loads, you’ll have to add a name for the QR Code. Once done, click on Create

4. In the next step, you will see the QR Code image on the right. Under it, you will also see the Edit Design option

In case you want to make the QR Code look fun and attractive, you can design the QR Code. You can do it by adding a logo and colors or a background image to it.

In case you want to do it, here is a complete guide on how to design the QR Codes.

5. After you decide on design or no design, update all the changes and Download the QR Code

6. Next, you will see a window asking you to add the format and size of the QR Code image. After doing it, click Export and your QR Code will be downloaded

You now know everything about QR Code generator for teachers. You can now go-ahead to get your free account with Scanova and create QR Codes.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

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