The new year is here. It has been over 21 years since QR Code was first introduced. Yet, the technology is far from obsolete and being used more than ever. In 2016, we can expect the launch of CurrentC, the QR Code-based mobile payment system that is aiming to take on NFC-based Google and Apple Pay. CurrentC, if successful, will significantly increase awareness of QR Codes in the US market due to the scale of implementation.

But what was the fate of QR Codes in 2015?

2015 has been a year of revival of the QR Codes, driven primarily by the adoption of QR Code payments by major retailers, brands, and financial institutions (namely WeChat, Walmart, Target, Paytm in India, and Chase Bank). The year also saw huge investments by Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba and the city of Saudi Arabia in the 2D barcode technology. Messaging apps Whatsapp and Snapchat too joined the bandwagon and added QR Codes in their app processes.

Here are the highlights of the biggest news of the QR Code industry in 2015.

qr code industry highlights 2015

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Due to increasing popularity and use, QR Codes are being immensely used by marketers today. They not only help marketers attract and engage users, but gauge customer engagement too. If you a marketer looking forward to create QR Codes for your campaigns? Select a best QR Code Generator that fits in your needs the best.


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