The cases of crime have gone up in recent times, especially in sensitive locations and areas prone to property offenses.

And to deal with this, cops have to do regular patrolling every now and then. And the process is not devoid of challenges.

For the admin, it’s difficult to track police patrolling and ensure that the assigned cops check the location regularly.

For the cops on ground, it is a tedious process to identify areas with high crime. That’s because it needs extensive research and data from the general public.

So, it’s time to make police patrolling more quick and efficient. And QR Code technology can help do that.

Today, QR Codes are being used worldwide across various industries. These include aviation, chemicals, sports, product packaging, and transportation.

A. What are QR Codes—a brief

QR Codes are square-shaped 2D barcodes that contain a lot of information and are easy to use. How? Well, you only need your smartphone to access the encoded content.

Hence, they are easy to use. Moreover, they can store a wide array of information. From text and alphanumeric characters to images, videos, and documents, they can do it all.

Further in this article, we’ll discuss how exactly a QR Code can help improve the process of police patrolling.

B. How QR Codes can be useful for police patrolling

1. Maintain patrolling log

To keep a track of whether the assigned official visits the assigned locations for patrolling, QR Codes come in handy.

You can create a digital form that the official will have to fill on visiting the location. Services such as Google forms can help you do it in no time.

Once done, you can use the form link and create the QR Code. When the officer scans it, she’ll be redirected to the online form.

In fact, you can even make sure the form is actually filled on physically visiting the location. How? By enabling the GPS tracking feature of the QR Code. It helps you see the exact GPS location of scans.

That means you’ll be able to see exactly where the form was filled from. This will further strengthen the efficiency of tracking.

2. Collecting data anonymously

The general public sometimes hesitates providing information about a crime or accident to police due to obvious reasons. Hence, many measures are taken to gather the information anonymously or by concealing the identity of the witness.

This is where QR Codes can help you out. Just create a survey-based QR Code . And place it in the area under concern or the areas with high incidences of crime.

People will then be able to scan them to fill in the details anonymously.

This way, they can contribute to establishing law and peace without any fear.

3. Help people contact you fast

Sometimes, the general public doesn’t know how to contact the police in case of an emergency. It is very common in situations where the concerned person isn’t familiar with the state or city. Here, they may not know the necessary contact details for the police.

Hence, it is important to take necessary measures to ensure proper communication. And QR Codes can help you out to provide the same. Just create a Phone Number QR Code or Google Maps QR Code. You can place them on public transport to increase reach.

People will then be able to scan them to either call the police (Phone Number QR Code) or find the nearest police station (Google Maps QR Code). Hence, they can help in controlling emergencies.

Let’s see a couple of ways QR Codes are actually being used in police patrolling:

C. Popular use cases of police patrolling

1. Mumbai police

In 2020, Mumbai Police introduced a QR Code system for patrolling to increase accountability.
It aimed to bring stability and regularity to patrolling.

They placed QR codes at 60 locations under different police stations. These included government offices, parks, public places, schools, and other sensitive areas.

As police officers go on patrol, they could scan the QR Code. In return, the Police Department would get the relevant patrolling data from the respective locations.

2. Aurangabad police

Aurangabad police also pasted QR Code stickers to ensure effective patrolling within the city.

Here, they printed QR Codes on laminated A4 size sheets at over 1,000 spots. These spots were areas with a higher crime rate, sensitive locations, and important offices.

The move was aimed at making patrolling teams more accountable and effective. Here, the cops on duty would scan the QR Code as a mark of presence at a given time.

3. Bengaluru police

Bengaluru North Division Police has implemented a QR Code-based beat system called Subahu. In police terms, a beat is a territory where a police officer patrols.

These QR Codes have been placed across various locations within its jurisdiction. Here, the police officer will have to scan the QR Code placed along his/her beat routes. Hence, the cops will get assurance that the concerned officer has covered the assigned path.

This will, in turn, ensure the safety of its residents, especially during the night hours.

4. Nagpur police

Nagpur city police have also installed a QR Code-based E-beat system. It aims to improve patrolling by proper monitoring of the police personnel on the beat.

With this system, the beat police can update their location data after scanning the QR Code. In short, they can monitor real-time patrolling and step up the surveillance process in crime-prone areas. Hence, it it helps increase the output while reducing crime.

D. How to create QR Codes

Now you know how QR Codes can optimize the process of police patrolling. Let’s see how to create one?

1. Create QR Codes one by one

If you don’t need hundreds and thousands of QR Codes, then you can go for this option. It offers you a wide range of QR Code categories to choose from.

To create one, you can just follow this step-by-step guide on it.

2. Create QR Codes in bulk

However, if you need QR Codes in bulk, then you can go ahead with this option.

A bulk QR Code generation service allows you to create up to 100,000 QR Codes in one go. Thus, it eliminates the need to generate QR Codes one by one.

For more information, here is a detailed guide on how to generate QR Codes in bulk.

That is all you need to know about QR Codes in police patrolling. You can now create your own QR Code to make your people safe and secure.

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