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QR Codes in Beach Resorts: A Seamless Way to Deliver Guest Delight

You own a beach resort or work at one. And like any other business, you want yours to grow by making the customers happy.

Beach resorts are one of the most sought options for tourists on a vacation. And while your staff would try its best to please the guests, technology can take you a step ahead.

Amidst the pandemic, your services not only need to be top-notch but also safe. The erratic nature of COVID waves has made it necessary for the hospitality industry to have the best safety measures in place.

And QR Code technology has been helping hotels and resorts to ensure that. You now want to explore how QR Codes can be used in beach resorts. In this article, you’ll see eight different use cases of QR Codes and how to create them.

A. Nine ways QR Codes can be used in beach resorts

From sharing menus to getting feedback, here’s how QR Codes can help:

1. Contactless menu sharing

Digital menus have become the norm at restaurants and hotels. And QR Codes help you deliver them conveniently to the guests.

Restaurant Menu QR Codes have been around for quite some time now. Each of them can help you add up to 20 menu files. In addition, you can edit, replace, or add a menu file anytime you want. No need to create and reprint a new QR Code.

Guests just have to pull out their smartphones to access the menu. It’s just like clicking a picture. These menus not only offer convenience and save printing costs but also ensure contactless operations.

2. Digital orders

Many giants such as McDonald’s started using QR Codes to help people place digital orders. They added a QR Code to each table. As guests scanned it, it took them to see the entire menu and place an order.

This has been one of the most convenient food ordering systems that emerged during the pandemic.

Many restaurants and resorts have now deployed it into their business. It helps customers place an order with a few simple clicks. No need for them to come in physical contact with anyone!

3. Know how your guests feel

The best way to improve any business process is by looking at it from the customer’s point of view.

And nothing beats customer feedback in helping you do it. But getting people to submit feedback isn’t easy. They have to follow a series of tedious steps to access the form and finally submit their feedback.

However, QR Codes make this much easier. With a Feedback QR Code, the end-users can access the feedback form with a simple scan. And since the process becomes easy, the response rate increases.

That’s why many businesses use Feedback QR Codes on their table tents, receipts, and dining premises.

4. Offer an easy way to reach out for help

Guests often need to contact the resort staff for various purposes. For example, laundry, food, room keeping, and other grievances.

And QR Codes can help them reach out to you in the most convenient way. How?

Rather than displaying the contact number for various services, you can create a Phone QR Code. You can then add it inside the rooms and anywhere else on the resort premises.

When scanned, it helps the end-users to dial the required phone number without having to type anything. Isn’t it amazing?

5. Seamless way to connect to the WiFi

This is one of the most common use cases of QR Codes. You might even have used a QR Code to connect to a WiFi network.

Many resorts, hotels, restaurants, and spas use these WiFi QR Codes. When scanned, it helps the guests connect to the WiFi without having to type anything. This makes it much simpler for the end-users to access the internet.

6. Create a landing page

There might be times when you’d want to share information digitally with the guests but not having a website would stop you.

Well, that’s not the case anymore. With QR Codes, you don’t need to have a website to take the end-users to a mobile-optimized landing page. How?

A Custom Page QR Code helps you create a landing page for your end-users. You can add text, images, videos, web links, social sharing buttons, and even files to it. When end-users scan the QR Code, they will see this landing page containing all the details that you’ve added.

In case you’re thinking you’ll need a developer to get the job done, you won’t! Yes, you can create this QR Code yourself within minutes. Great, right?

7. Accept contactless payments

Payments are yet again a very frequent application of QR Codes. You’d have seen QR Codes placed at the billing counters of shopping malls, supermarkets, and even the local grocery stores.

These QR Codes are beneficial for both customers and merchants alike. Why?

Because customers no longer need to carry their cards everywhere. They just need to have their smartphone to be able to scan the QR Code and authorize the payment.

On the other hand, merchants don’t have to invest in buying a dedicated handheld set-up to accept payments. They just need to print the QR Code and put it on display. A win-win situation for both the stakeholders.

8. Drive traction to your digital channels

If you have a website or social media account(s) for your business, then you’d want people to follow you online.

Well, then you must no longer just add your website link or social media handles to the promotional creatives. Go a step ahead and add QR Codes to them.

Yes, a Website URL QR Code can help you get people to visit your website with a simple scan. No need for anyone to tediously type the entire link manually.

Similarly, a Social Media QR Code can help you get people to follow you online. When scanned, it takes the end-users to a landing page having links to all your social media profiles.

They can then select the one they’d like to follow. No need for them to manually search for your accounts.

9. Easy discount coupons

Giving away discounts and deals is a common business tactic to increase and retain your customer base.

But you don’t need to stick with those age-old paper-based coupons. Coupons and vouchers are now becoming smarter and more convenient with QR Codes.

We call them Coupon Code QR Code. When people scan one, they see a landing page with all the offer details and the coupon code. With it, they also see an option to redeem the coupon.

That means they don’t need to carry the coupon with them all the time or even remember its code.

These are nine ways how QR Codes can be used in beach resorts. But QR Codes aren’t restricted to these. They have a solution for almost every problem concerning business operations.

Let’s now see how some resorts are actually using QR Codes:

B. Resorts using QR Codes

1. Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Disney Resort’s Disneytown and hotel resumed its operations in Jun 2022 after two months of COVID restrictions.

Visitors were seen as happy and excited to have the resort opened with the return of normalcy.

The resort required all the visitors to present a green Shanghai Health QR Code. This was done to ensure that the guests entering the resort were COVID-free to control the disease spread.

In fact, due to the pandemic, QR Codes are being frequently used for health checks.

2. Park Proxi, Egypt

In mid-2022, StayWell holdings in Egypt announced the launch of a new hotel brand, Park Proxi. This is a new-age hotel that will have flexibility and hoteliers at its core.

Every lobby of Park Proxi will have a QR Code. Scanning it will give information to the guests on what they should see, eat, and do in the hotel.

3. Resorts World, Las Vegas

The well-known Resorts World in Las Vegas offers easy food ordering to its guests. It had partnered with Grubhub, an American platform for food ordering and delivery.

The resort has Grubuh QR Codes located throughout its premises. Guests can scan these QR Codes to get their food delivered to them.

Now that you know everything about how QR Codes can be used in beach resorts, you may want to create one for your use case.

And you just need a QR Code generator to get started. In fact, here’s a readymade list of all the top QR Code generators online. You can go through it to find the best-suited one for yourself.

Also, here’s a detailed guide on how to create QR Codes like a pro in minutes.

That’s it. You can now go ahead and get started with creating QR Codes for your use case.

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