QR Codes today are becoming increasingly popular. You must have seen the use of QR Codes in payments and product packaging. But these 2D barcodes are also rocking in some uncanny areas such as tattoos, gambling, and casinos.

QR Codes can easily be scanned via a smartphone. Hence with increasing smartphone penetration, QR Codes have got an impetus to grow.

Hence, it should not come as a surprise that QR Codes are being used in casinos. From promotional purposes to facilitate playing online casinos—QR Codes are being used in all.

With QR Codes, you can make it easier for players to play casino games.

Plus, with QR Codes, you can also optimize print media promotions. That is, you can make them actionable, interactive, and engaging.

Keep reading to know how.

A. QR Codes in mobile casinos

A QR Code is popularly known as an advanced barcode. It is a matrix of black-and white squares. The major advantage of QR Codes is that they can simply be scanned via a smartphone.

You can imagine a QR Code as a link. That is, you can link details such as a website URL and a text to a QR Code.

Thus, as the name suggests, they are ‘Quick Response’ Codes. They just need to be scanned to encode the information within. Hence, this is one of the major reasons why QR Codes are becoming so increasingly popular in online casinos also known as mobile casinos.

Casino QR Codes are displayed on the optimised software installed on their desktop/computer. Visitors just need to scan the QR Code via their smartphone to get these games on their phones within seconds.

This way Casino QR Codes are making QR Codes on your phone a hassle free experience. The player knows where exactly to go to without tediously typing in details such as mobile casino slots and tables.

Hence, this way playing becomes easier with QR Code-based online casinos. Now let’s move on to show how casinos are actually using QR Codes.

B. How mobile casinos use QR Codes

There are a couple of ways through which you can use QR Codes in mobile casinos. In this section, we will explain them in detail.

1. To make payments

QR Code-based payments is one of the most common use cases of QR Codes. Making a transaction by scanning the QR Code is secure, reliable, easy, and quick.

Hence, online casinos across the world are accepting QR Code payments. Players just need to scan the 2D barcode in order to make payment.

Here are a couple of examples:

EMPIRE77 online casino in Thailand facilitates payments through QR Codes for its players. It is one of Asia’s most trusted online casinos. And it has a great reputation among its players due to its excellent services.

The QR Code payment is supported by all of EMPIRE777 Thailand bank providers. Players simply need to scan the QR Code to make fast online payment.

Thus, this technology has made the payment process hassle-free. Players no longer need to make the effort of putting so many details and opening multiple tabs on their phone just to initiate online gambling.

Similarly, Swish Casinos use Swish QR Codes. By scanning the QR Code, players can make a payment. The QR Code payment is supported by major banks in Sweden, including Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Länsförsäkringar, Nordea, SEB, Sparbanken Syd, Swedbank, and Sparbankerna.

Other online casinos, which accept QR Code based payments are SuperCat Casino, Tumbet, BetCup, Betway Asia, among others.

You can refer to this guide to know all the casinos across the world, which are accepting QR Code-based payments.

2. To quickly load mobile casinos game

Online casinos also use QR Codes to help players launch the mobile casino games. Upon scanning, players are redirected to casino URL. This way, they can start playing the game.

Here are some examples:

Crazy Vegas Mobile uses QR Codes to initiate players into playing the game. Upon scanning the QR Code, are redirected to a link, which automatically launched into the game. This link is displayed on the desktop software itself.

You can click here to get a demo of how it works.

Similarly, players on JackPot city can scan the QR Code and head towards playing the game.

In the similar manner, RedFlush casinos, All Slots casino, LadyLuck Casino, and many more mobile casinos are now using QR Codes.

Lady Luck Casino QR Code

3. To promote online casino

It is common to see QR Codes being used in print media promotions. This is because with QR Codes, you can make print media marketing actionable, trackable, engaging, and interactive.

Hence if you use print media to promote your casino, QR Codes can help optimize it. Here is how:

i. Increase traffic on website

Generally, in print advertisements, you give the link of your website. But typing the whole link manually in the mobile browser and then visiting your website is a tedious task. And hence, not many players make this effort.

With QR Codes, you can make the whole process effortless. All you need to do is—link the QR Code to your website URL. Upon scanning, the players will directly land to your website.

Since the whole process becomes easier, traffic to your website will increase.

ii. Get a hike in app downloads

In order to promote your app, you give the app link in print media creatives. But as mentioned, one of the challenges is that not many people actually take the effort to type the link and then install your app.

But by linking your app to a QR Code, you can instantly redirect the players to the app installation page.

Since downloading your app now becomes easy, you will see a hike in the number of app downloads.

a. How to create

In order to create QR Codes for this purpose, you need an best QR Code generator tool, which offers these categories such as Scanova. Here, you can sign up for a 14 day free trial and then choose the category, which suits your purpose best.

Once you create a QR Code, you can simply print it on your promotional material such as flyers, brochures, and pamphlets.

But before you go ahead to create, keep some best practices in mind in order to get best results.

b. Best practices

Here are some things to keep in mind while creating QR Codes:

a. Create Dynamic QR Codes. These QR Codes are advanced and can be edited anytime. Plus, with Dynamic QR Codes, you can also track the QR Code scanning activity. That is, you can get analytical data based on date, district, city, browser, and device from which your QR Code has been scanned.

b. Since your use case is promotional, you should add design to your QR Code. That is, you can make them completely branded by adding colors, logo, and a background image.

And here is a fact: Custom-designed QR Codes attract 50-200% more scans as compared to black-and-white ones.

Branded QR Code

For more information, you can refer to this detailed guide on custom-designed QR Codes.

c. It is always recommendable to add high resolution images. That is, you should export the QR Code image in vector formats such as EPS and SVG. These images are of high quality and do not pixelate when scaled.

Hence, this is all you need to know about the use of QR Codes in casinos. Create a QR Code now to make your mobile casino user friendly.

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