One fine day, I resolved to focus on getting healthy. I got up early the next morning, put on my running shoes and set out for the local park.

There, I joined a couple of people doing stretches. Once done, I completed a lap around the park. Not sure about what to do next, I headed back home.

The next day, I wasn’t as motivated as I was before since I didn’t know which exercise would help me get fit. The result? I put my ‘getting healthy’ resolution on a back burner and it’s been that way since.

My story might not have a happy ending but for the residents of Waco, Texas, United States, their road to fitness is sure to help them reach their fitness goals. All thanks to the QR Fit Trail System.

QR Fit Trail System:

The QR Fit Trail System is a joint initiative by Waco-McLennan County Public Health District and Parks & Recreation. As part of the initiative, the authorities put up QR Code boards across sections of the park.

On scanning this QR Code using a QR Code scanning app on their smartphone, users can view a variety of fitness videos.

QR Fit Trail

What’s more is that these videos are also specific to each body type. People can pick a video which best suits their requirement.

QR Fit Trail

“I think it’s a very different and fun way to stay active. You know visitors won’t get bored because these videos are updated monthly, and there are different intensity levels to chose from. It will just be a fun way to stay active and have fun.” – Sujana Shah, Public Health Education Specialist

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The QR Fit Trail System has been installed in 11 parks across Waco. Here’s the list:

  1. Bells Hill Park
  2. Bledsoe-Miller Park
  3. Brazos Park East
  4. Brooklyn Park
  5. Council Acres Park
  6. East Waco Park
  7. Gurley Park
  8. Kendrick Park
  9. Oakwood Park
  10. Oscar DuConge Park.
  11. Alta Vista Park

If you are a resident of Waco, make sure you pay these parks a visit and share your experience in the comments section below.




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