Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce store is all set to launch ShopCodes to help shoppers find and buy products easily. These Shopcodes will allow customers to buy products by simply scanning the QR Code on the product.

“Instead of manually typing in your website’s URL on their mobile devices, shoppers can be taken directly to the product in your Shopify store instantly.” – Corey Pollock, Product Manager at Shopify

How to use Shopcode:

To create a Shopcode, the merchant will first have to download the Shopify app. The app is available both on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Note that the users can only create Shopcode on the Shopify app.

Merchants can customize these Shopcodes with discount coupons or additional material. The app also allows merchants to track the number of scans on each product. The merchant can view these analytics on the app’s dashboard.

The merchants can use these Shopcodes both in virtual and physical stores. On scanning the QR Code, shoppers are redirected to the product’s page on Shopify.

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This isn’t the first time that e-commerce apps have used QR Codes. In 2016, an app called Primo allowed users to shop using QR Codes.

Now with a number of popular apps such as Snapchat, WeChat, and Pinterest coming with an inbuilt QR Code scanning feature, Snapcodes seem like a good way to engage shoppers.

Have you used Snapcodes? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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