A few weeks ago I noticed an SBI Life Insurance ad with a QR Code. I decided to give it a try to see if they had followed any of the QR Code best practices. (Read my post on Increase engagement with these 5 must-know QR Code best practices).

Good visibility but nonetheless ugly

Although the QR Code was well placed and visible, the advertisers could have used a designer QR Code to make it more visually-appealing

state bank of india qr code

No call-to-action

There is no hint as to where the QR Code will lead the reader. The graphics of the ad do not aim to generate any sense of curiosity. Overall, the reader has no reason to scan the code

Dynamic QR Code used

In a good move, SBI used a dynamic qr code that allows it to track number of scans and edit the underlying URL

state bank of india qr code

Landing page not optimized for mobile

The landing page was not optimized for mobile, making it extremely difficult for the user to view the content

state bank of india qr code
state bank of india qr code

Relevant content

The content of the landing page was relevant to the advertisement as it gave the user additional information on the plan SBI Life Insurance was offering

How SBI Life Insurance could have implemented this QR Code better?

SBI could have leveraged this campaign to get leads by:

  • Adding an effective call-to-action text such as ‘Scan to know more about the plan’, ‘Scan to book a call back or appointment with an executive’
  • Adding a simple form to the landing page that records the readers contact information such as name and phone number/email. This way SBI Life can arrange meetings with interested customers
  • Developing a mobile-optimized landing page that is easy to read and navigate

Evaluation score: 2/5


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