You know that TikTok is one of the most popular entertaining apps today. People record and share quirky and creative short videos using this app.

Just like other social media apps such as Whatsapp and WeChat, you can exchange direct messages with your friends. And as an enthusiastic user, you obviously wish for more and more people to follow your account. In other words, you wish to connect with more people.

And if you are not aware till yet, every TikTok user has a QR Code precisely for this purpose. That is, the QR Code helps you get people to find your profile on the app. And makes them free from the task of manually locating which profile is yours.

And this unique QR Code in every TikTok users’ account is known as the TikCode. Alreading wondering how to find it in your account?

In this article we will guide you on how to spot your TikCode. Plus, how to share it with friends to make your account more active.

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A. How to find your TikTok QR Code

Every user has their own TikCode known as ‘My TikCode’. When your friends scan this QR Code, they can easily get added as friends to your profile.

And to find your TikCode, these are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open app and log in to your TikTok account. If a new user, you can sign up through your Google account/facebook/phone number/email address

2. Once registered, go to your profile. For this, you need to click on the Profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

TikTok QR Code: Tap on profile icon

3. Now, under the Account bar, you will see the option of TikCode. Tap on this.

Find your TikCode

4. You will now see your unique TikTok QR Code known as ‘My TikCode’. It is a customized QR Code and will have your profile photo in the center or TikTok logo in the centre.

Sample TikCode

5. You can now click on the Save Image option in the bottom. This way, your TikCode will be saved in your gallery. Note that this step is useful if you want to share your TikTok QR Code with others.

So, this way you can easily spot your TikCode. Now, let’s move on to detail how you can scan and share it with your friends.

B. How to scan TikTok QR Code

Scanning your TikCode will lead the scanners to your TikTok account. Once connected, they can follow you and share short, interesting videos. Besides, they can interact with you through text messages.

And there are two ways through which you can scan someone’s TikTok QR Code. These are:

1. Scan by sharing TikCode image

You can share the TikCode that you saved from your account with your friends and, vice-versa. There is also an option to write a note such as ‘Follow me on TikTok’ while you share your TikCode.

Let’s take an example. Say in order to connect with you, one of your friends has shared their TikTok QR Code with you over WhatsApp. Here, you can scan it by uploading the QR Code image right from the gallery. See how:

1. Go to your TikTok account and click on the search button at the bottom left of the screen.

2. Now, tap the scan button on the upper right corner. The scanner will launch.

3. Here, click on ‘Photos’ on the upper right corner.

TikTok QR Code: Tap on Photos to share TikCode

4. As you click, your gallery will open. Here, you can select the QR Code of the friend you want to connect with (that is, the QR Code they shared with you)

5. The scanner will then automatically scan their TikTok QR Code. And lead you to your friend’s account.

You and your friend are now connected on TikTok.

2. Scan directly

Now say you want to scan a TikTok QR Code printed on a paper. Or say your friend shows you their TikCode on their smartphone and you need to scan it.

In both the two cases, you can scan by directly launching the scanner in your account. Here’s how:

1. Go to your TikTok profile and click on the search icon at the bottom left on your screen.

2. Now, press the Scan button on the upper right corner. This will launch the scanner.

TikTok QR Code

3. Bring the scanner in front of the Tik Tok QR Code you want to scan.

4. Once the scanner detects the QR Code, it will lead you to the respective person’s TikTok account.

You can now follow them and share fun-filled videos.

Hence, this way you can easily befriend people on TikTok.

C. Other social media apps that use QR Codes

TikTok is not the only app that uses QR Codes to connect with people. Various other social media apps that you use daily also use QR Codes. Let’s talk about a couple of them:

1. WeChat

Most popularly used in China, WeChat is a QR Code based social media app. Just as TikTok, the QR Code helps to add people as Contacts in your account.

This way people can easily connect without manually saving the contact of the other person. And exchange texts, stickers, audio notes, and video calls with each other.

For more information, you can refer to this detailed guide on WeChat QR Codes.

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp, one of the most popular social media apps today, is planning to introduce QR codes in its app. The feature has been in talks since November 2018.

With WhatsApp QR Code, you can save contacts instantly. That is, you just need to scan the the QR Code of the respective person’s Whats app account and add them as a Contact.

Also note that the app already uses Whatsapp Web, a QR Code based feature that helps operating Whatsapp on desktop. To enable this feature, users need to scan the QR Code present in their account.

3. Facebook

Facebook messenger uses customized QR Codes. These help you to connect with people you meet.

Upon scanning the Facebook Messenger QR Code of your friend in their account, you can easily add them to your list. And start chatting with them. This helps you to easily start a conversation with people/business that are not in your Messenger contact yet.

4. Snapchat

One of the most addictive apps today—Snapchat also uses QR Codes. They are pleasing to look at and are popularly known as Snapcodes.

You can send and scan these Snapcodes to add people to your Snapchat account. Besides, you can unlock all those bizzare filters and connect to exclusive content upon scanning these codes.

Hence, besides TikTok, QR Codes are very popular among some of the other daily-use social media apps today. With this feature, connecting with friends on the above platforms has now become completely hassle free!

And in every app, you need to scan the QR Code to add people. So let’s move on to detail some of the scanning practices you can resort to for best results.

D. QR Code Scanning Best Practices

There are some tips you should keep in mind while scanning your friend’s TikCode. These are:

1. Keep your smartphone camera lens clean

In order to scan instantly and flawlessly, it is important to keep the camera lens of your smartphone clean. The clearer the lens, the better will the scanner be able to detect the QR Code.

2. Scan in a well-lit area

Always scan the QR Code in an environment that is full of light. This will help the scanner to easily detect the QR Code. If you are scanning in a dimly lit area, there is a high probability that the QR Code will not be scanned.

3. Scan from a close distance

Keeping the scanner close to the QR Code will help in easy detection. And to effectively scan the QR Code, it should be within 1 cm (0.4 inches) across the viewport of the scanning device (smartphone).

As the distance between the camera and the QR Code increases, the size of the QR code will appear to shrink. This will lead to difficulty in scanning.

So, be aware of these best practices while you scan a TikCode or any QR Code for that matter.

So, you now know how to find and use your TikTok QR Code. Spot your TikCode now to connect with friends effortlessly.

If you want to create your own QR Code, you can create it here.

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