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Uber-Cargo Partnership— A deal to favor both Riders and Drivers

You usually ride with Uber. Say your phone’s battery is low and you have forgotten the charger. Or you want to have some snacks but have nothing to munch on. Or you need some small electronic accessories. Your Uber driver might just help you with such needs. In July 2018, Uber-Cargo Partnership was announced in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

uber-cargo partnership

Cargo is an in-car service startup that works directly with rideshare companies, drivers, and brand partners. It allows passengers to order products through their phones.

This partnership will help riders buy goods from the centre of car console without moving an extra-inch.

How will it benefit riders and drivers

  • Riders will be able to buy goods while inside the car. They’ll not have to take out extra time and put efforts to purchase items
  • Drivers will get at least USD 1 per order even if the order is amongst free Cargo samples. They will also get 25% commission on retail sales. On annual basis, drivers might earn an average of USD 1,200 extra.

“Because of companies like Uber, people spend more passenger-time in cars than ever before. This opened the door for Cargo to open an un-parallel level of convenience for people on move. Our partnership with Uber will play an important role in making that vision reality.”— Jeff Cripe, CEO, Cargo

How will Uber-Cargo Partnership work

Uber drivers will pick-up product boxes directly from support centres— Uber Greenlight Hubs. These boxes will have products like gum, snacks, phone charger, headphones, etc.

  • Riders with Cargo App on their phone can order the goods through the app and make payment. Once payment is done, driver will provide them with their goods
  • Alternatively, riders will also be able to place order and make payment using a QR Code. Once they scan the QR Code, shop, and check-out, the driver will handover the purchased items

For now, Uber-Cargo Partnership will work only in San Francisco and Los Angeles. But Uber plans to expand it to New York City, Boston, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Dallas, Baltimore, and Atlanta.

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