You schlep your garments to laundry to dry-clean them. It requires you drive to the laundry, wait in the long queues to drop the clothes, and even inhale some nasty chemicals.

This is both time taking and tiresome. The good news is that now you can simply drop your clothes at a VClean Vending Machine for dry cleaning while you’re enroute to your office. And you can pick them back the next day.

vclean vending machine: scanning the QR Code

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VClean Vending Machines are making it possible at London, UK.

VClean is the UK’s largest fully wet clean company. Their aim is a cleaner and greener future. They’ve been cleaning clothes for corporates since four years. Now they’ve come up to offer their services to the public.

“We are transforming the dirty dry cleaning sector by making green cleaning accessible with VDrops. There is nothing else like this on the market”— Nick Harris, Managing Director and Founder, VClean

VClean has partnered with ‘Transport for London’ to place the VClean Vending Machines across the network stations in London.

How does a VClean Vending Machine work

VClean has developed a software, VICE, to automate and control the entire process. Here’s how it works:

1. Users first create an account on the VClean’s website
2. Next, they get a QR Code which is to be used while dropping and collecting the garments
3. They scan the QR Code at a VClean unit and get a biodegradable bag. They drop the dirty clothes in this bag and put it in the machine
4. VClean’s workers pick up the garments to be cleaned. They drop the dry-cleaned clothes back within 24 hours
5. Users again scan the same QR Code again to make payment and collect their clothes

“We wanted to make a positive environmental impact and make it ridiculously convenient.”— Nick Harris, Managing Director and Founder, VClean

About 200 such VClean units will go live in next few months across London. Mr Harris even plans to put up more such VDrop stations across the UK in future.

This is one way how the UK is using QR Codes.

Just like London, cities across the world are taking steps to make citizens’ lives better.

That’s all you need to know about London’s VClean Vending machine.



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