Today a lot of retailers are using QR Codes to engage customers. It was retail giant Tesco that first introduced smart QR Code stores in South Korea. Now, Preethi Desai, has taken smart shopping up a notch with Walnut Stores.

Desai co-founded Walnut Stores with Karthik Shetty. These stores are currently operational in three metro rail stations in Bengaluru, India.

These stores allow commuters to buy groceries by scanning a QR Code.

Walnut Stores

The unique part about the Walnut Stores is that unlike other smart stores, shoppers can taste, smell, and feel the product before making a purchase. The products on sale range from dry fruits, pulses, rice to spices.

How Walnut Stores Work

To make a purchase, the shopper has the scan the QR Code placed next to the item using the Walnut Store app. Once scanned, the product is added to the shopper’s virtual cart. The items are then delivered to the shopper’s door step.

Walnut Stores

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Walnut Stores purchase their goods directly from farmers. The aim is to ensure that customers receive the best products at reasonable prices.

“When you shop online, the real product can’t be felt. Online shoppers don’t know the quality of products, what you see online and what you get is different, So the aim is just to make people’s life easier.” – Preethi Desai, Co-Founder, Walnut Stores

Walnut Stores also let shoppers buy groceries via their mobile app.

The store boasts of an extra featurerequesting a new product. In case a product is not available, shoppers can place a ‘New Product Request’. Depending on the availability, the item is then added to the shopper’s order.

With the store gaining a footing in India’s silicon valley, Preethi is planning to launch the stores in New Zealand. Though the stores in New Zealand will follow the same model, the products on sale will cater to the taste of local shoppers.

This is one way how India is using QR Codes for various use cases.

Don’t you think this idea will save people a lot of time and energy? What are your thoughts on Walnut Stores? Share your views in the comments section below.


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