Wedding Card Design: Ten Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding is one of the most memorable moments in one’s life. It comes with a lot of planning—the list of guests, your outfits, the wedding venue and what not!

Once you finalize everything, the next step is—inviting the guests. How do you do it? By handing out invitation cards, right?

And invitation cards are themselves a big deal. They matter a lot to the couple getting married.

When you send wedding invitations to your guests, you want two things:

First, and the obvious, you want them to get all the important details about the wedding such as date, time, and venue. That’s the main aim of an invitation card after all.

Second, you want the guests to receive beautiful invitations. Invitations that are unique and mark the personalities of you and your fiancé.

So you want cards that are both functional and good to look at. I this article, we have create a list of ten wedding card design options that will help you leave a mark on recipients.

1. Moving wedding wheel

Now the fundamental aim of a wedding card is to provide event details. But how about making the process fun for the guests?

Keep reading to know how a moving wedding wheel invitation design helps you do it.

This card design includes a moving wheel. As your guests spin it, they get all the important wedding details.

And you can customize its design with your own creativity and ideas. For example:

a. A compass wheel:

wedding card design: compass wheel

As people rotate the compass, it keeps disclosing the event details. For example—wedding date, venue, and timings.

b. A watercolor wheel:

wedding card design: watercolor wheel

Just like the compass design, guests need to spin the wheel to see the details. It can have different sections to disclose different details such as date, RSVP, and location of the wedding.

2. Tech-savvy invitation

Are you a tech-lover? Then why not add a touch of technology to your wedding invitations?

Doing this will not only reflect your love for technology but also help your guests. How?

wedding card design: wedding QR Code

By adding a QR Code to your wedding card design. It will do a lot more than just giving the details.

When your guests scan the QR Code with their smartphones, they will see:

a. Title (such as ‘wedding invitation’) and bride and groom’s name
b. Date and time of the wedding
c. Your couple’s journey videos and photos
c. Exact Google maps location of the venue
d. Option to RSVP easily. And you’ll receive an email notification for each response

Here’s a preview of what your guests will see after scanning the QR Code.

That means unlike a regular invitation, this hi-tech invitation allows you to show multimedia (photos and videos) via your invitation cards.

Also, guests do not need to worry about finding the exact venue location. Scanning the QR Code will help them get the location on the maps application of their smartphone.

In fact, it makes responding via RSVP easier for them. They don’t need to respond via snail mail anymore.

Are you thinking—a black-and-white QR Code won’t blend with the card design? Don’t worry. You can design the QR Code by adding colors and logo to it.

3. Wooden wedding invitation

If you’re looking for eco-friendly wedding invites that don’t harm the environment, this one is for you. Such invitation cards are made using the wood. And are they beautifu to look at? Definitely!

wooden invitations

Wooden invitations carry a beautiful and natural earthly look. Simply add a bit of rustic charm to them and you are all set!

4. Jigsaw puzzle invitation

You have found your better half. Or we can say—your missing piece. Then why not let your card convey it for you?

Jigsaw puzzle invitations do the job easily. And they are fun to assemble for the invitees too. They are usually referred to as jigsaw puzzle ‘save the date’ invitations.

wedding card design: jigsaw pzzle

Here, you have to first send the ‘save the date’ piece. And then send all the remaining pieces of the puzzle.

Once guests receive all the pieces of the puzzle, they can assemble them together. And the completed jigsaw puzzle will be your wedding invitation having all the important details of your D-day.

5. Bold wedding invitation

To give your invitation a bold look, you can go for a festive wedding card design. To do this, you can add hand-drawn images with some bright hues to the card.

Or you can even give it an elegant chalkboard touch.

bold card

You can also use dramatic colors, such as navy blue, mulberry, or even black. Or use your own creativity and ideas to come up with a ‘bold and beautiful’ invitation card.

wedding card design: bold colors

6. Balloon wedding invitation

Remember blowing up balloons for parties and even for fun during childhood? it was a fun activity. Or we’d rather say—it is a fun activity. Many of us still love doing it whenever we get a chance.

A balloon wedding invitation helps you make the guests enjoy themselves while finding your wedding details.

wedding card design: balloon card

The balloon has all the wedding details. And invitees need to o inflate the balloon to find these details. No doubt, this wedding card is a lot of fun!

wedding card design: wedding details

7. Matching wedding cards

The bride and the groom send invitations for the same wedding. Hence, they can definitely have matching invitation cards. Of course, with some variations in the text.

Here’s an example how:

matching cards

In the picture, both the cards here can serve to the bride and groom’s individual preferences. And have a different color. Yet both of them carry a similar look and feel.

8. Calligraphy invitations

Are you a calligrapher? Or do you love calligraphy? Then why not add some calligraphy to your invitations?

You can easily write all the details in your favorite calligraphy style. And it is a fact that even the neatest handwriting does not compare to a calligrapher’s beautiful strokes.

wedding card design: floral calligraphy

Besides the text, you can also add some elements that suit the card design as a whole.

For example—you can add floral design alongside your elegant strokes.

Or you can also use watercolors to a theme that compliments the calligraphy. And makes your card look even more beautiful.

watercolor calligraphy

9. Map invitations

Are you or your partner a traveler? Or love traveling around? Let your wedding cards reflect your wanderlust then. Here is how a map invitation design usually looks like:

wedding card design: maps invitation

It has folded origami invitations. And these invitations, of course, have all the wedding details. And they’re fun to open!

10. Countdown invitation card

This is again one of the cool wedding invitations available today.

wedding card design: countdown card

You, your friends, and family are counting the number of days to your wedding, right? This card design makes the process just a bit easier.

The card here has a rotating disc. You can simply add instruction or what we call it—a call-to-action statement. It will prompt the recipients to rotate the disc to the present date.

Doing this will tell your guests how many days are left until your special moment.

11. Hint-the-destination invitation

This is especially suitable if you are going to host a destination wedding.

Rather than telling the venue location in traditional written style, let your wedding card design hint it at first glance.

For example, say you are getting married in the hills. Here, you can get the job done by the destination’s famous imagery. This way, you can design your invitation around a theme.

hint the destination

You can use a similar approach for beach or any other destination for the wedding.

These are eleven wedding card design ideas for your invitations.

They will make your cards look something more than just a collection of information. Something they can use or behold even after your wedding is over.

So you can choose the one that describes your personality the best.

Or the tech-savvy design that makes a lot of things easier for both your and your guests. And, of course, is easy to use.

Or the environment-friendly design that gives an earthy look to your invitations.

Or even the designs that help your guests not just access the wedding details but also have some fun.

In fact, you can even come up with an interesting invitation card design with your own creativity.

Whichever design your select, will give you loads of pleasure and delight. And, maybe, a surprise to your guests.

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If you have any wedding invitation idea that we missed, let us know. And tell us which designs did you like the most in the comments.

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This wedding card designs are truly amazing. I have not seen this kind of designs anywhere before. Would you write a blog on cards for religion, for example, Christian Wedding Invitations and many more? Thank you!

Some of the wedding card designs you have shared are truly innovative. I particularly liked the Jigsaw Wedding Invitation, the tech savvy wedding invitation, the map invitation and the balloon wedding invitation. All these ideas are so creative and unique. It is sure to get the guests excited about the wedding.

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