Wedding is one of the most memorable moments in one’s life. Each wedding involves a lot of planning, gifts, and invitations.

When you send wedding invitations to your guests, you want two things:

First, you want them to get all the important details about the wedding such as date, time, and venue.

Second, you want them to receive beautiful invitations that are unique and mark the personalities of you and your fiancé.

Here’s a list of ten wedding card design options to give your invitations ‘one-of-a-kind’ look:

1. Moving wedding wheel

This wedding card design includes a moving wheel. As your guests spin it, they get all the important wedding details.

You can even personalize these cards by adding your own designs. For example:

a. A compass wheel:

wedding card design: compass wheel

b. A watercolor wheel:

wedding card design: watercolor wheel

2. Tech-savvy invitation

If you love technology why not add it to your wedding invitations? It will not only reflect your personality but will help your guests too.

wedding card design: wedding QR Code

Add a QR Code to your wedding card design. As people scan it, they’ll see:

a. Title (such as ‘wedding invitation’) and bride and groom’s name
b. Date and time of the wedding
c. Your couple’s journey videos and photos
c. Exact Google maps location of the venue
d. Option to RSVP easily. And you’ll receive an email notification for each response

Here’s a preview of what your guests will see after scanning the QR Code.

You can customize this QR Code by adding colors and even a logo.

3. Wooden wedding invitation

If you’re looking for eco-friendly wedding invites that don’t harm the environment, this one is for you. Such laser cut wooden wedding invitations carry a beautiful earthly look.

wedding card design: wooden wedding invitation

Just add a bit of rustic charm to the cards and you’re all set!

4. Jigsaw puzzle invitation

You’ve found your missing piece. Then let everyone know it with a jigsaw puzzle ‘save the date’ invitation.

wedding card design: jigsaw pzzle

The main idea here is to first send ‘save the date’ piece. And then send all the remaining pieces of the puzzle.

Completed jigsaw puzzle will be your wedding invitation with all the important details of your D-day.

5. Bold wedding invitation

To give your invitation a bold look, you can go for a festive wedding card design. Add hand-drawn images and bright colors to it with a chalkboard touch.

wedding card design: bold wedding card

Or you can also use dramatic colors, such as navy blue, mulberry, or even black, to give your invitation a bold look.

wedding card design: bold colors

6. Balloon wedding invitation

Get your guests to find your wedding details in a way they enjoy.

wedding card design: balloon card

They’ll have to inflate the balloon to find all the details for your special day. No doubt, this wedding card is a lot of fun!

wedding card design: wedding details

7. Matching wedding cards

Bride and groom send invitations for the same wedding. So they can surely have matching invitations cards! Of course, with some variations in the text.

wedding card design: matching cards

Both the cards here can serve to the bride and groom’s individual preferences, yet have similar look and feel.

8. Calligraphy invitations

If you’re a calligrapher or love calligraphy, this wedding card design could be the one for you.

Even the neatest handwriting can’t compare to a calligrapher’s beautiful strokes.

wedding card design: floral calligraphy

You can add floral design alongside the elegant strokes. Or you can also add a theme that makes the calligraphy look even more beautiful.

wedding card design: watercolor calligraphy

9. Map invitations

If you and your partner love traveling, this wedding invite will reflect your personality perfectly.

wedding card design: maps invitation

It has folded origami invitations with all the wedding details. And they’re fun to open!

10. Countdown invitation card

This is again one of the cool wedding invitations available today.

wedding card design: countdown card

It helps countdown the days left to your wedding. Just add a signal to rotate the disk to the present date. And it will tell your guests how many days are left until your special moment.

These were ten wedding card design options trending today. Select the one that you like the most. And give your guests an invitations card they’ll look at even after the wedding.

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Which design did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Some of the wedding card designs you have shared are truly innovative. I particularly liked the Jigsaw Wedding Invitation, the tech savvy wedding invitation, the map invitation and the balloon wedding invitation. All these ideas are so creative and unique. It is sure to get the guests excited about the wedding.

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