I’ve walked past various historical monuments numerous times wishing for a way to know more about them. Let’s be practical, you cannot hire a guide everywhere.

How do you easily get the information you are looking for? Will the information be authentic?

These questions haven’t gone unnoticed by city administrations. They are answering these questions with technology. One example is—The Williamston Depot Museum, Michigan, United States.

The Williamston Depot Museum is set to give visitors a tech-tour of their historical district. The brainchild of Depot board member Earl Wolf, the Depot is using QR Codes as part of this initiative.

“It is the mission of the Depot Museum to preserve and interpret the history of Williamston. We have just developed a new way to get those stories to all the people we serve” – Sue Neller, President, Williamston Depot Museum.

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Adding QR Codes:

The Williamston Depot Museum has added a QR Code outside each of the 38 historical buildings across the city. Scanning these QR Codes will direct people to a webpage with more information about the building. The webpage will also contain old photographs and anecdotes about the city’s history.

Williamston Depot Museum

“With the help of many other board members and building owners, we updated the information and added as many old building photos as we could find and created a custom graphic page for each. Now with the quick scan of each building’s sticker, one can access our local history instantly while on the street.”- Earl Wolf, Board Member, Williamston Depot Museum.

This isn’t the first time a city administration has used QR Code to share the city’s history with locals and visitors. In March 2017, a North Attleboro boy scout helped the city administration in setting up QR Codes across North Attleboro’s old historical town.

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This initiative will help people know and connect with their town better. We would love to hear your views. Share them in the comments section below.

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