What is the difference between a trackable and non-trackable QR Code?

It is fairly common knowledge that in marketing, QR Codes are typically used to direct an audience to a webpage. Majority of the online generators will allow you to create a QR Code for free. But what marketers are usually not aware of is that QR Codes can be of two types – Trackable and Non-trackable.

Non-trackable QR Codes: The codes generated via free online generators are typically non-trackable QR Codes (also called static QR Codes). The target content (such as a website address) in these type of codes is hard-coded into the QR Code itself. Once the QR Code is printed, the information contained cannot be changed and the audience can only access the information that is coded in.

Trackable QR Codes: Also called as dynamic QR Codes, these advanced codes provide marketers with a high degree of flexibility as well as scan tracking capabilities. Trackable QR Codes can be generated using an online QR Code management tool (such as Scanova). There are two key advantages of using trackable QR Codes over non-trackable QR Codes:

  1. Editable Content: The marketer can easily update the target URL at any time without the need to reprint the QR Code design
  2. Scan Tracking: Marketers will be able to analyze the reach of their campaigns by keeping a track on the number of scans by time, geography, and device

What content can I show my audience if I make my QR Code trackable?

A trackable QR Code can only redirect the user to a webpage. Hence, the following content can be shown to your audience if you make your QR Code trackable:

  • Website or webpage
  • Mobile application download pages on relevant App Stores
  • Pre-loaded Tweets
  • Facebook fan page or profile
  • Youtube video
  • LinkedIn company page or personal profile

How to Create and Manage a Trackable QR Code?

This tutorial is for creating a trackable QR Code using the online QR Code management tool, Scanova. Follow the easy steps below to create your first trackable QR Code:


  • Login to your Scanova account. If you do not have an account, sign up for a free account here. Scanova allows you to create upto three trackable QR Codes in the free version
  • Once logged in, click on ‘New QR Code’ button from the dashboard. You will be redirected to the QR Code Generator tool

create trackable qr code

  • Choose the type of QR Code that you would like to create. Depending on what you want your audience to see, you can choose from a list of 23 types of QR Codes. However, only six of these can be converted into trackable QR Codes – See a Webpage, Download my Mobile App, Tweet About me, Like Me on Facebook, Watch Video on Youtube, and Add me on LinkedIn

create qr code with logo

  • Once you have selected the type of QR Code that you would like to create, add the relevant content in the fields that appear. Then click on the Create my QR Code

create trackable qr code

  • A Name your QR Code window will open. Choose a Campaign in which you would like to save the QR Code and give your QR Code a name
  • In this window, keep the Track number of scans options checked. This will ensure that the generated code will be a trackable one

create trackable qr code

  • Once you completed all the fields, click on ‘Save’. You will be directed to the Choose Design and Download QR Code page
  • On this page, you will see the following options:
    • Download or customize a Standard QR Code
    • Download or customize a Fancy with Custom Logo QR Code
    • Download or customize a Fancy with custom background QR Code

create trackable qr code

  • In any of the design cases, you will be able to download the image of the QR Code (Raster or Vector, depending upon your subscription plan)


  • To revisit your trackable QR Code, go to the Campaign Manager from the Dashboard of your Scanova account
  • You will see a list of campaigns in your account. Click on the Campaign that you had chosen while creating the QR Code
  • You will see a list of all the QR Codes that you have added in this campaign and related options
  • From here you have the option to preview, edit, activate/deactivate, download, or delete the QR Code

create trackable qr code

Scan Tracking:

  • To view the impact of your promotional campaign using a trackable QR Code, head over to the Impact Analyzer. Click on the ‘Impact Analyzer’ button on the navigation panel on the left
  • Choose the Campaign, relevant QR Code, and time-period from the drop-down lists to view insights on the scans by time, geography, and type of device (Scanova Premium Users – You can export this insights data in Excel spreadsheets for your offline analysis)

create trackable qr code

Thats it! You are all set. Still have questions? Ask in the comments section below.

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