Tata Tea-Jaagore QR Code Review

While browsing through the supermarket in the beverages section, I noticed a QR Code on the packaging of a 1Kg Tata Tea pack and decided to test it and see if they had followed any of the 5 must-know QR Code best practices. Along with being the brand’s primary tagline, ‘Jaagore‘ (which means ‘Wake Up’) […]

About QR Codes

QR Code Best Practices: 5 rules to increase engagement

QR Codes are a handy tool to connect your offline target audience to your dynamic online content. But like any other technology, QR Codes work only when used right. Are you following the QR Code best practices in your campaigns? Marketers often make basic mistakes that lower the potential of the QR Code. Here are […]


Common Use Cases of QR Codes in India

A QR Code is a 2D barcode that can store a lot of information, compared to a traditional barcode. These square-shaped barcodes have been around for more than two decades. It is only recently that QR Codes have entered into customer engagement activities. QR Codes are popular in the West and in Asian countries. The […]

Retail Stores: 3 Ways Retailers can use QR Codes To Engage Customers

Everybody these days knows what a QR Code is. Yes, the black-and-white squares that can link to an array of information such as website URLs, image, audio, video, PDF file, and simple text. QR Codes aren’t popular just in China or other Asian countries. Countries such as United States, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Canada […]