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QR Codes For Senior Citizens: An Effort To Help The Elderly

Aging comes with complications that one has never faced earlier in life. Some of them such as Alzheimer’s and Demnetia can be most problematic to the elderly. QR Codes for senior citizens can help them be safe from situations arising from memory loss and other cognitive health issues. An extraordinary range of care and services […]

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Bike QR Code: A Simple Way To Rent And Share Bicycles

You know about taxi apps like Uber, Lyft, etc. They help you get a taxi by connecting you to nearby drivers. But in populated cities, heavy traffic can make traveling by a car a pain. Using bicycles to commute can not only help solve this problem, but also help curb pollution. This can be a […]

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QR Chem: An Online Tool to Visualise 3D Molecular Structures

You are studying or have studied chemistry. You know that 3D molecular structures of chemicals are important to conceptualise many problems in chemistry. To find and visualise the 3D structure of a molecule, you had to put efforts and time to surf the internet. Good News is that QR Chem has been developed by students […]

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QR Code Based Payment At IGI Metro: A move to make travel hassle-free

You travel in Delhi Metro. To buy a token or to recharge your metro smart card, you have to wait in the queue. To help make travel hassle-free for passengers, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is planning QR Code based payment at IGI Metro. Passengers will be able to pay for their ride through a […]


Paypay Corporation: A Softbank-Yahoo joint venture towards cashless society

In Jul 2018, Softbank and Yahoo Japan jointly announced the Paypay Corporation to be launched in autumn 2018. Paypay is a Barcode (QR Code) based smartphone payment service. Cash dominates the payment practice in Japan with a cashless payment ratio of 20%. To increase this ratio to 40% by 2025, Japanese Government is taking various […]

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QR Code Error Correction: Everything you need to know

You know what are QR Codes and how to create one. You have probably noticed the scannability of a QR Code despite there being dirt or damage. And you have also seen QR Codes with a logo. Despite there being a damage or an error, the QR Code being used scans perfectly fine. This is […]

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Uber-Cargo Partnership— A deal to favor both Riders and Drivers

You usually ride with Uber. Say your phone’s battery is low and you have forgotten the charger. Or you want to have some snacks but have nothing to munch on. Or you need some small electronic accessories. Your Uber driver might just help you with such needs. In July 2018, Uber-Cargo Partnership was announced in […]


Barcode to QR Code Converter— Convert Barcode to QR Code in easy steps

You’ve probably been using barcodes but have recently come across the advantages of using Qr Codes. You want to now generate a QR Code to replace the barcode. So you are looking for a barcode to QR Code Converter. You can use an online QR Code generation service such as Scanova to convert your Barcode […]


Nike by Melrose: A Data Driven Move Towards Consumer Interest

Say you are checking out shoes on Nike’s smartphone app. A pair of shoes catches your eye. A few days later, you go to a nearby Nike Store and find the exact same pair. That’s convenient but what is impressive is that the availability became possible because of your smartphone activity. To make it easy […]

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Ofo Bike— reach your destination on two wheels at minimal cost

You have used taxi apps (Uber, Ola, etc). They provide a platform to use taxi with the help of an app. Ofo Bike- Chinese dockless bike sharing service—rolled out as a similar platform for bikes. It allows people to use and share Ofo bikes to reach their destination. In Jun 2015, Ofo was launched in Beijing. […]