Customer delight is paramount to every business. That’s why all the businesses in the world strive to serve their customers in the best way possible. And technological innovations are taking it to a whole different level!

So you’re curious about exploring the scope of using QR Code technology to enhance customer service. And you’re not alone. Many businesses are using them to deliver a great experience to their customers.

In this article, you will see nine ways how QR Codes can help you deliver excellent customer service.

A. Nine ways QR Codes can deliver amazing customer service

1. Offer an easy way to visit your website

You may often need people to visit your website. It could be to see the range of your products and services, raise a complaint, get educated about your business, etc.

And to do that, you often add website links to various promotional creatives. You may even add these links to your product packagings, receipts, carry bags, etc.

But visiting these links isn’t an easy job. People have to pull out their smartphones, open the browser, tediously type the entire link, and finally land on your website.

This is a long process, hence, many people don’t put in the effort. But a QR Code makes the job easier.

You can create a Website URL QR Code and add it to the required creatives. When scanned, it takes people to your website in seconds. No need for them to type anything. Simple, right?

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

2. Help them find your store’s location

Do you have a brick-and-mortar store and need people to visit it? Then why not help them find exactly where it’s located?

And by that, we don’t mean simply telling them your store address. You can create a Google Maps QR Code. As people scan it, it will show them your store’s location on their phone’s maps application.

No need for anyone to manually look for directions anymore!

3. Share product details in depth

Being transparent about your products has become a necessity now. Customers are more concerned than ever about everything they put their money into.

Hence, sharing product details does not only ensure that you follow ethical practices but also builds customer trust.

But how do you share all these details via limited space on the packagings and manuals?

Well, via a Product QR Code. it helps you design a whole mobile landing page with as much information as you want. You can add text images, videos, weblinks, files, and even social sharing buttons to it.

As the end-users scan the QR Code, they see this landing page with all the information you had added.

And the QR Code won’t take up much space on the packaging. That means you’ll be able to share all the product-related details with a tiny QR Code.

4. Help them submit their feedback

Collecting regular customer feedback conveys that ‘you care’ about them. Feedback helps you know what’s going right with the business and what’s not.

But getting customer feedback isn’t easy.  Using a customer support tool or platform can make collecting feedback easy. But no matter what you use, not many people like typing an entire form ink in their browsers to access the form.

But to make it easier, Feedback QR Codes have got your back! With them, end-users just have to do a quick scan to access the form and fill it. The user journey becomes better and your response rate increases considerably. Best of both worlds, right?

5. Share your contact details easily

Providing customer support is crucial for every business. It helps you address their concerns and keep them satisfied with your services. It’s easier for them to get in touch when you have an accessible contact center solution set up.

And with QR Codes, you can help them contact you in no time. How? Rather than giving them your contact number (which they’ll have to save manually), you can use a Business Card QR Code.

When scanned, it shows a landing page with all your contact details and a Save as Contact button. People simply need to click on it to save your contact details and reach out to you. No need for them to manually type and save your number anymore!

6. Easy payment option

QR Codes are well known for enabling digital payments. Due to their effectiveness and ease of use, the QR Code payment market has soared immensely.

They have benefits for both the business and the customers. Businesses don’t need to install any cost-intensive setup to accept payments. They just need to print the QR Code and put it near the billing desk.

For the customers, they don’t need to carry a card to make payments. They just need to have an internet-connected smartphone. Using it, they can simply scan the QR Code and authorize the payment in seconds.

7. Share the visual samples of your portfolio

Does your work need you to share the images of your products or offerings with the customers? Then you no longer need to invest in printing anymore.

You can share all the pictures with your audience on their smartphones. An Image QR Code can help you out here. It can save up to 20 images. When people scan it, these images appear as a gallery on their screens.

While you get to save printing costs, it also helps you ensure a contactless experience for the customers. After all, amidst the pandemic, taking care of your customer’s well-being has become paramount to serving them, right?

8. Easy access to documents and files

You may often need to share documents with your customers. It could be for user onboarding, T&C, best practices, user manuals, warranty card, etc.

With QR Codes, you can share these easily with a scan. One QR Code can store up to 20 documents in various formats. We call it a Document QR Code.

With it, you no longer need to print lengthy documents. In fact, you can even restrict unwanted access to your Document QR Code. How? By adding a password to it.

Yes, QR Codes allow you to add a password to them. When someone scans a password-protected QR Code, they’re prompted to add the required password. Only once they do it, they can see the content stored in the QR Code.

That means both ease of use and data protection for you and your customers.

9. Share event details

Do you organize events for existing and potential customers to attend? Then you’d want to share event details with your audience while also receiving RSVP.

And an Event QR Code is very well-known for this use case. It helps you design a landing page for your event. You can add complete event details to it. To do so, you can add text, multimedia, web links, files, maps location of the venue, and social sharing buttons.

When people scan the QR Code, they see a landing page with all these details. Along with it, they also see a button to RSVP. No need for them to respond via snail mail or call. If you do make a lot of calls, it’s smart to use VoIP call center software to manage a large call volume.

And the easier the process, the better is the response rate always!

Now that you’ve seen nine ways QR Code technology can improve customer service, let’s see how you can create them.

B. How to create QR Codes

Depending on how many QR Codes you need, you can create them in three different ways:

1. If your requirement is not huge, you can go for a normal QR Code generation service such as Scanova. It will help you create QR Codes one by one. Here’s a guide to help you understand everything about QR Code generation using this option

2. In case you need hundreds or thousands of QR Codes, then the first option won’t be feasible. It will take quite much of your effort and time. So you can rather use a bulk QR Code generator

Using services such as QR Batch, you can create up to 100,000 QR Codes in no time. Here’s a detailed guide explaining the bulk generation of QR Codes in minutes!

3. Would you like your QR Codes to be generated automatically whenever there’s a requirement? Or do you want to integrate QR Code generation into your own information system or mobile application?

QR API has got your back. It helps you create static QR Codes in real-time via rest API. No need to head on to your QR Code generator every time you need to create a QR Code.

That’s it. You now know everything about how QR Code technology can be used in customer service.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

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