A questionnaire is one of the easiest ways to collect people’s responses or opinions on a subject. And you want to create one too. It could be for any use case such as:

  • Collecting student responses for a class test
  • Gathering customer data for a survey
  • Getting your staff to submit their feedback on your employee policies
  • Registering attendees for one of your upcoming events

There could be any such use case. And you need digital forms for the same.

In fact, to make help the audience easily submit their responses, you want to use a QR Code for your questionnaire. It will help you maximize the responses received for your campaign.

This article will discuss everything about QR Code Questionnaire in detail. Keep reading!

A. QR Code questionnaire: A quick brief

A QR Code makes it pretty easy for the end-users to access the required questionnaire. They don’t need to type the questionnaire link manually anymore. All they need to do here is—scan the QR Code, see the form, and fill it out.

That means the user journey becomes pretty easy. And this helps maximize the responses especially when your use case is customer-facing or promotional. Why?

Because the easier the process, the better the conversions (form responses here).

All you need is—a QR Code generator that offers an in-built form feature. That way, you’ll not have to use two different tools—one to create the questionnaire and the other to create the QR Code.

In fact, here are some additional benefits that you’ll be able to get:

1. Strenghtenend branding

QR Codes need not be dull and boring like barcodes. You can actually make them visually appealing and branded. How?

By adding your logo and brand colors to them. Alternatively, you can even add a background image to them.

You’ll be glad to know that users have a high affinity for customized QR Codes. People scan them more often than the plain black-and-white ones. And if you’re using QR Code for a promotional use case, maximum engagement is just what you’d want, right?

2. Saved time and money

There are many professional QR Code generators that help you create QR Codes with in-built forms. Hence, you don’t need to use two different tools as mentioned earlier.

This means you don’t only save time and money but effort too! Isn’t that great?

3. Data analysis on scan tracking and form responses

QR Codes are well-known for their scan tracking capabilities. They allow you to see how your campaign performed. Using a QR Code, you can see details such as:

  • How many people actually scanned it
  • Locations where QR Code was scanned
  • Devices and browsers used by the end-users
  • How the end-users interacted with the content after scanning the QR Code

In addition, you can also see and export the form responses received in no time.

Now that you know all the basics of a QR Code questionnaire, let’s see how to create one:

B. Steps to create a QR Code

You can create the QR Code in two different ways here. The first is by heading on to a service such as Google Forms or Survey Monkey to create the questionnaire. Next, copy the link and head on to a QR Code generator to make a Website URL QR Code.

However, this is a long process. Here’s a better alternative:

Using an advanced QR Code generator

You can head on to find a QR Code generator that offers in-built forms. However, comparing even the top results one by one would take a lot of time. So here’s a readymade comparison for you to go through in less than 3 minutes!

Here, we’ve used the Scanova QR Code generator for a quick demo:

1. Visit Scanova and do a quick sign-up. You won’t be asked for any credit card details while doing so

2. Once done, select the Custom Page category from various options on your screen

3. On the page that loads, you can start customizing the landing page as you’d like the end-users to see. You can add multimedia, description, weblinks, social media sharing buttons, etc.

4. Now, select the Custom Form option from the menu bar at the top

Design the form

5. You can now start designing the questionnaire. Here, you can add a form description too if needed. You can start adding a question in the block given. You can even add a question description with up to 200 characters

In fact, you can also select the required answer type and whether the response would be required.

To add additional questions, select the Add Question Block option.

6. Once you’ve added all the questions you can design the submit button the way you want. You can change its color, border color, font, etc.

7. You’ll also see the Form Formatting option. Using it, you can apply the same formatting to the entire form. In case you’d like to do away with the formatting, just click on the Clear Formatting button

8. Next, you can also add the form expiry date. Using it, you can specify the date and time of form expiration

9. After you’re done designing the form and the landing page, click Continue

10. Next, name your QR Code and move ahead

Design and download the QR Code

11. As the next step, you’ll be able to design your QR Code. In case you’d like to add customization, here’s how you can do it

12. After you’re done with the design, you can proceed to download the QR Code. A window will ask you to add the desired size and format for the QR Code image

14. Once done, click on Export

Your QR Code containing the questionnaire will be downloaded and ready for use. You must test scan it before putting it put for your audience.

As the next step, let’s see how you can monitor and download the questionnaire responses.

C. How to download form responses

Once you create the questionnaire and put the QR Code out for people to scan, you’d like to see the responses. Here’s how you can do it:

1. From your Scanova account dashboard, go to the My QR Codes section

2. Here, see which QR Code you need responses for and click on the View/Edit icon against it

3. Then go to the Download Data section. Here, just click on Generate

All the responses received will be sent to your registered email address within seconds. You can download them from there in CSV format.

Still reading? Great! You have learned everything about creating a QR Code questionnaire successfully.

Now, all that you need to do is create one for your own and make your campaign a success.

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