Businesses are always on the lookout to make their processes better for maximum returns. And conversion rate optimization (also called CRO) is one of the best ways to do it.

After all, it helps you increase the number of people taking the desired action such as visiting your website, following you online, or making a purchase. Hence, CRO helps you cut down on your acquisition costs while maximizing the ROI.

But if you use print media, it gets difficult to optimize your campaigns for conversions. The non-actionable and non-trackable nature of print promotions makes them tough to optimize.

Well, not anymore! QR Codes can help with conversion rate optimization for any medium of promotions.

Whether the motive is to encourage users to visit a website, redeem a discount coupon, or make a purchase, QR Codes can do it all. Keep reading to know more.

A. What is Conversion rate optimization?

It is a great marketing strategy that prompts the end-users to take action and optimize the business process. As a result, the businesses can ensure sustainable business growth by increasing the return on investment (ROI).

CRO helps you observe what you’re doing right and where you need to improve. This helps you improve the customer journey and their experience with your brand. And that ultimately translates into better sales. Seems pretty impressive! Right?

Now, let’s see how can QR Codes help you with conversion rate optimization.

B. How are QR Codes used for better conversion rates?

QR Codes are square-shaped barcodes that store data. From text and web links to multimedia, they can store a wide array of information. Hence, they’re being used for many different use cases across industries.

You might wonder how can QR Codes help make your campaign better? Well, you can store the desired data in a QR Code and add it to your promotional creatives.

Your audience just needs to pull out their smartphone to scan it and see the target content. For example, your webpage, mobile application on any app store, or even a coupon code. And the best thing is—with QR Codes, you can even measure your campaign performance.

Here’s are six ways QR Codes can help you optimize conversion rates for your campaigns:

1. Get the audience to take action

It’s common for businesses to run promotions to get people to visit their website, download an app, or follow them online. But here’s the problem—adding the web link to your website, app, or social profile to the promotional material is not enough.

It needs the audience to pull out the smartphones, open the browser, tediously type the web link, and finally take the required action.

Since the process is long and effort-intensive, many people simply don’t bother following it. Here, a QR Code can make things much better for you. You can create a Website URL QR Code, App Store QR Code, or Social Media QR Code as per your use case.

When end-users scan it, they’ll be redirected to the suitable landing page (website, your app, or social media profiles). Easy, right?

2. Make event posters actionable

A QR Code helps the event organizers to get registrations easily. How? Well, you can create a QR Code that takes the end-users to fill out the registration form.

When your audience scans it, they’ll be taken to the registration page. Here, they can fill in the details to register for the event.

There is no need for them to open any form link manually. And the easier the process, the better is the response rate. That means an increase in the number of registrations for your event.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

3. Make product packaging interactive

Today, customers are more concerned about what they’re putting their money into than ever before. Hence, it’s important that you share complete product details with the customers.

But the limited printing space on the packaging doesn’t allow you to do so. Don’t worry, QR Codes are here to help.

A Product QR Code can help you share as much product information as you want with your audience. It could be text, web links, images, video, and even social sharing buttons. You simply need to create it and add it to your product packaging.

When customers scan it, they’ll see all the product details.

This will not only save the customers from the illicit practices of the cheap counterfeiters but also build their trust in your brand.

4. Offer discounts and deals

Customers look for impressive deals and discounts before making a purchase. And businesses also offer them actively. While these offers help customers save money, they help businesses get acquire and retain customers. A good CRM solution can help create customer segments that can aid you in generating personalized offers and deals.

And did you know that QR Codes can help you improve the conversion rates for such campaigns? How?

Well, they can store coupon codes and can help customers avail of the offer easily. When scanned, the QR Code shows the coupon code with an option to redeem it. No need for anyone to remember the code or carry the voucher everywhere.

5. Improve your networking effort

If you’re a working professional, it would be common for you to meet people at formal events. And when you meet them, you try to build a network of like-minded individuals.

Hence, it’s common for people to exchange business cards at conferences and seminars. When you do it, you hope that the recipient will save you as a contact. But to do that she has to pull out her smartphone to open the contacts application, type your details, and finally hit save.

This is a long process. And no wonder why most business cards end in the trash rather than in the recipient’s contacts. But a Business Card QR Code can help you here.

You can add all your contact details such as name, email, phone number, web link, social profiles, and even a display picture in it. Once you create the QR Code, just add it to your business cards. When scanned, the end-user will see all your details with the option to add you as a contact.

No need for any manual typing. And you’d be surprised to see how it increases the likelihood of people actually saving you as a contact.

6. Track the marketing campaigns

Tracking the campaign is important to know what’s working and what’s not.

The dynamic QR Codes offer campaign tracking metrics that give a detailed view of the scans by location, time period, operating device used, and unique vs. total scans.

In fact, they also offer you a feature called Event Tracking. It helps you understand how your audience interacts with the encoded content after scanning the QR Code. For example, you can see if they clicked on the button to make a purchase, visit your website, etc.

With this data, you can optimize your campaigns for better results.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

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C. Grow your Business with QR Codes

The application of QR Codes is helping businesses to grow worldwide. It helps optimize the conversion rate for your campaigns translating into a better customer experience and boost in revenue.

In case you’re looking forward to creating a QR Code, you can try Scanova for free! Also, you can go through this detailed guide on how to create a QR Code.

That’s all you need to know about conversion rate optimization with QR Codes. Get started with your first campaign today!

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